Funny / Misery

  • *DING!*
  • Paul's first written lines of his new novel: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck
  • Annie's...creative swear words.
    Annie: He didn't get out of the cockadoodie car!
  • Whenever Paul goes into an Imagine Spot parallel to his current situation. The horse-race announcements during his time alone in a locked room helped soften the horrifying situation.
  • From the book:
    Three nights ago, when he was sure she was upstairs, he had sneaked one of the sample boxes out and had read everything on the label, although he supposed he had read everything he needed when he saw what Novril's principal ingredient was. Maybe you spelled relief R-O-L-A-I-D-S, but you spelled Novril C-O-D-E-I-N-E.
  • The scene in the movie after Annie breaks Paul's ankles. She waves at him and blows a kiss and he responds by flipping her the bird. She laughs and says that he's "Such a kidder!"
  • In the book, Paul pondering what he'll do if he should manage to break the top glass on one of Annie's home's doors: "Do a kamikaze dive out on onto the front porch? What a great idea. Maybe he could break his back, and that would take his mind off his legs for awhile."