Awesome: Misery

  • Paul burning the manuscript in front of Annie while taunting her about how good it is. Of course, he was bluffing, but after spending the entire book at her mercy, the poor guy deserved to defeat the goddess.
    Paul: [tauntingly shows her the burnt pages] You want this? Then EAT IT! [shoves the paper down her throat] Eat it till you choke, you sick, twisted fuck!
  • Likewise, the build-up to said scene-
    Paul: Remember how for all those years, nobody knew who Misery's real father was? Or if they'd ever be reunited? [shows her the manuscript] It's all right here. Does she finally marry Ian, or will it be Winthorne? It's all right here. [Reveals a lighter in one hand, and sets fire to the manuscript in the other]
    Annie: Paul, YOU CAN'T!
    Paul: [Smirks] Why not? I learned it from you.