YMMV / Lost Planet

  • Crazy Awesome: Lost Planet 2 gives us the Vagabundos, a band of Anti Heroes who manage to defeat N.E.V.E.C. forces in a firefight, hijack an overland battleship, kill a Category-G akrid with their newly acquired battleship's primary laser cannon, destroy another N.E.V.E.C. battleship in combat, and get a Big Damn Heroes moment in the final battle where they save the other heroes from a swarm of Akrid.
  • Demonic Spiders: The turrets from Episode 3-3. Without the right weapons, expect to waste ammo and time attempting to destroy them while you get blown off the train.
    • Enemy snipers and Revolver-wielding enemies are no exceptions. They're the only non-Akrid enemies that can kill you in one hit (if they put one in your skull), and if you're busy with something else, they won't hesitate to auto-aim for your head, even when you're in the air. Ditto the multiplayer simulator AIs, as they aim for your head by default.
  • Fan Nickname: Gordiant, the first episode's final boss, was referred as Sir Om Nom Nom among other names.
  • Goddamn Bats: The smaller Akrid on the higher difficulties.
  • HSQ: Try to count the number of times during this final trailer.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Some of the Akrid qualify.
  • Sequelitis: While Lost Planet 2 both won and lost fans with its co-op and multiplayer focus combined with Artificial Stupidity for AI partners in singleplayer, Lost Planet 3 lost everybody. The prequel status explores an interesting idea the first game proposed, but most agree that the staple VS combat being dropped for controlling a far clunkier Rig with a Quick Time Event melee system and the on-foot gameplay becoming just another cover-shooter severely dampened the fun. It doesn't help that it suffered poor timing with the outsourced developer's style making it resemble the then-announced Dead Space 3 and causing people to think they were being rather derivative. With EX Troopers still suffering from No Export for You, Lost Planet 3 may of been a Franchise Killer as of this writing.
  • Spiritual Licensee: The best videogame adaptation of the original Starship Troopers novel
  • That One Boss: It's easier to find one that isn't, even among some of the mini-bosses. However, it's not coming from completely out of left field, since Capcom helped invent Nintendo Hard.
    • Akrid X from the second game. It's large, but surprisingly fast, most of its attacks can destroy a VS almost instantly, and it constantly leaps around. The key is to move around more, bring LOTS of explosive weapons, and slam a few pile bunkers into its face.
    • From the second game as well, the Debouse. It moves around a lot, so hitting its weak points is quite hard. It can also stun players with a sonic scream and shoot them with a beam that deals massive damage. Oh, and it charges at full speed, trampling everything in its path. The best part of it all? You gotta fight two of them at the same time. This time, you better not bring in any AI buddies, as dodging the sonic scream and the beam afterward only involves staying completely still. Then just pump a few shotgun shells into their chests and then a few more into their heads when they fall.
  • That One Level: Chapter 3-2. Filled to the brim with snipers armed with powerful rifles, a VS with a BFG rifle, and troops with the same rifle.
  • That One Sidequest: Getting all the trophies/achievements.
    • Getting the "NUMBER 1" or "TOP TEN" Noms de Guerre. Yes, they want you to either meet or beat a world record.