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YMMV: Least I Could Do
  • Anvilicious: A story arc that blatantly compares George W. Bush to Emperor Palpatine...published in 2011, three years after Bush left office.
    • Also, did you know that Sohmer doesn't think very favorably of Christianity? He paints with a subtle brush.
  • Black Hole Sue: Rayne, heavily (Rayne Summers, Ryan Sohmer). Solves any problem (think of a time when Rayne DIDN'T come to the rescue), can get with any woman (except Issa, but it's canon that he can get head within 5 minutes at a bar). None of his actions have any significant consequences (being in prison for the 5th time, got out the next day and hardly mentioned it in a passing remark), at least no significant NEGATIVE consequences to him. Rich, powerful, and the ability to have people like him no matter how many times he does things that anger them. Everyone who slights him, he gets the better of later. People who don't like him for one reason or another usually have an arc where they figure out that he's better than that. The list goes on, all pointing towards an author-insert that dominates the story, and is seemingly perfect in every way. Even Rayne can't help but point this out.
    • It's even gotten worse over time. At least once upon a time, his so-called friends would at least look annoyed and upset by the abominable way he treats them. Now they take his abuse with smiles on their faces, and at least one has explained that he actually enjoys the way Rayne treats him because Rayne's just such a super awesome guy that attention from him is automatically a good thing.
    • The Beginnings Sunday strips also suffer from this, such as having child versions of the Wachowskis see Rayne dodge a ball in order to get the idea for bullet dodging in The Matrix.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Sohmer caught a lot of flak for having Rayne put down webcomic artists in a couple of his strips, especially when said strips had him with a Smug Snake look on his face as he says things like, "...they're desperate for acceptance and accolades," and "If you've never missed an update, I'll buy everything on this table." to an artist who curls into the fetal position afterwards. Not cool, Rayne.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Frog King was never drawn in the webcomic, and existed courtesy of a Mondegreen induced punchline. The store, however, sells a t-shirt and a plush toy in his image.
  • Jerk Sue:
    • Take a wild guess...
    • His brother isn't much better. He must have the same "lawsuit free" bubble around his blatant malpractice and Dr. Jerk routine that Rayne has around his sexual harassment.
  • Freud Was Right: Well, Rayne would say so anyway. "Friends come and go, but sex... sex is forever!"
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Rayne is seen here bashing webcomic artists for not being willing to put in the work for accolades and acceptance, and even makes fun of an artist in a later strip for not updating regularly. Then along came a little webcomic called Homestuck, whose updates can provide any reader with years worth of strips, if each one is read daily, even with Schedule Slip.
    • Even more hilarious that after mocking other webcomic authors for not acting professional, he proceeded to lobby to be allowed to write for Deadpool in the most unprofessional manners possible, including petulant tweets and an internet petition.
      • Too add to the hilarity, webcomic creators such as Brian Clevinger and Andrew Hussie have actually moved on to professional endeavours (the former with Marvel, even) without having to hamfist their ways into the business.
    • This comic when compared to the LICD ads that portray Rayne as occasionally wishing his partner were Chewbaccanote 
  • Ho Yay: The extremely straight Rayne has often been shown to have a mancrush on Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.
  • Love It or Hate It: The comic, especially compared to Shomer's other works.
  • Marty Stu: Rayne could certainly qualify, especially early on. Sohmer has said that as he grew older, Rayne became more and more a character very different from himself.
    • In one early series, Rayne sicks the guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Mick. When Mick tries to turn the tables, the Queer Eye guys just fawn over Rayne and tell him not to change a thing about himself.
    • It's become more blatant over time. Rayne's friends used to look annoyed/frustrated when he would insult them or behave like an idiot. Now they all smile and say how much they enjoy him mocking their lives.
      • That's evolved over time too. Now, half the time, they look like they barely tolerate his presence when he's acting out — especially Lissa.
    • Rayne's "power" even extends to the rest of the cast; the characters who act like Rayne (Ashley, "Gayne", "Munch"note ) get to be selfish and rude while coming off smelling like roses just like he does.
      • And the lesbian employee hunt came not long after he'd announced an office-wide orgy (that no women showed up to despite his vigorous campaigning to Issa at least) and that was after he'd childishly made a bunch of racist Native American jokes out of jealousy against his boss's boyfriend. He got absolutely no comeuppance for any of these acts, despite him being a walking Title VII suit for his company, and he even ended up befriending the victims in each case. Stu powers, activate!
    • The TED arc and the BP oil spill arc both show the author's need to feel accepted intellectually through his character's very silly mental stumblings.
      • His BP oil spill solution is a high-and-mighty hindsight suggestion.
    • A large part of the problem with Rayne's character is this: he will act like a selfish brat for the first 90% of any given storyline, edging about as close as he can get to the moment when any form of sympathy for the character is destroyed. Then, about three to five strips before the end, he'll have a Pet the Dog moment that makes the other characters forget or forgive all the rude/offensive/destructive/etc. things he did before. In other words, the classic Author Avatar Mary Sue. The problem, of course, is that the readers aren't inclined to let the occasional good deed make up for all the crap one has to go through to get to it.
  • The Scrappy: Rayne. That's right, the main character is the Scrappy. See Black Hole Sue and Marty Stu above for the reasons why.
  • Tear Jerker: "Unca?"
  • Unfortunate Implications: In this video, the song randomly starts encouraging the listener to ignore the preachings of Christianity. In a song that decries bestiality.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The Sunday Flashback Comics have been getting more and more like this. What started off as something of a Spinoff Babies parody has been getting more... hallucinatory...

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