Heartwarming: Least I Could Do

  • Rayne discovers he has a half-sister, who has a five-year old daughter. Ashley and "Unca Rayne" fall for each other big time. After knowing each other for less than a day, they were already this close.
    • And then this comic, following Rayne's near-death experience.
    • To complete the Rule of Three, we have where Rayne goes when he finally hits rock bottom, admit his faults, has to grow up, and change, for once. Where does he go for a little comfort? To the one he loves un-conditionally.
  • Noel's wife Kate, who has never liked Rayne, is pregnant when the group goes on a Christmas holiday to a cabin in the woods. They get stranded, and when Kate goes into labor, Rayne (who has spent most of the time whining about how the pregnancy is ruining his chance of being like Ash) goes out and successfully hijacks a snowplow so he can gets Kate to the hospital in time to deliver her son, even though it means he gets thrown in jail for a little while. This is finally the act that convinces Kate Rayne has his good side, and she gives the okay for him to be the baby's godfather.
  • Rayne's secretary seeing through his Jerkass Fašade while he's having a heart attack and him being comfortable enough around her to drop it.
    • Really, any of the times that Rayne and his secratary interact when Rayne isn't in Man Child mode, like when he babysat for her, or when he deliberately dropped trou on her to make her laugh after overhearing a fight between her and her husband.
  • The comic's tribute to Robin Williams in the wake of his suicide.
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