YMMV / John Bradshaw Layfield

  • Base-Breaking Character: Exactly how good a commentator is JBL? Some people (mostly those who think Michael Cole is the worst) think he's the best on Raw, as he tends to drown Cole out and make him look like a fool. Others, however, think JBL's obnoxious commentary is just as bad, if not worse, than Cole. Others simply hate the entire dynamic between the two of them and don't really consider either one of them too much better than the other. However, almost everyone agrees that JBL, and the entire commentary table at that, are much better off when allowed to speak for themselves without Vince McMahon screaming lines and catchphrases into their ears, which is unfortunately very rare in the mid-2010's.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Both as an Acolyte and as a color commentator, especially his current run using his old-school knowledge and having him take the heel-sympathizing role that has long been missed since Jerry Lawler abandoned it in favor of being neutral in the 2005 and face-leaning later on. note 
  • Fridge Horror: You know how JBL used to hate Tully Blanchard for bullying him in the earlier years of his career, yet he would justify the hazing he visited upon young wrestlers and non-wrestling veteran newcomers to WWE? Now look up studies correlating abuse suffered in one's formative years with likelihood of becoming an abuser later on in life.
  • Memetic Molester: Edge mentioned in his autobiography, Adam Copeland on Edge, that Bradshaw soaped his ass in a shower. The fandom picked up on this and took this out of context, implicating that Bradshaw might have raped some wrestlers.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • SHUT UP!
    • Do you remember <event>? JBL was there.
    • "Maggle": Popular online spelling of JBL's pronunciation of Michael Cole's name. Has turned into an Ascended Meme as JBL will sometimes spell it that way on Twitter.
  • X-Pac Heat:
    • A lot of fans felt his title reign went on for too long. Hell before that a lot of fans thought his title reign should not have happened and before that called the breakup of the APA premature. Thankfully, Vince later bumped him to the commentary desk and allowed him to hone his rapport with Michael Cole — until he wore out his welcome there, too.
      Wrestle! Wrestle!: When Booker T isn't the worst one at the table, set the table on fire.
    • Beating the shit out of The Blue Meanie did not help his popularity either (at least with the Mutants).