Heartwarming / John Bradshaw Layfield

  • JBL was the guy who thought of the annual WWE Tribute to the Troops, lobbying until Vince McMahon accepted the idea. During Tribute to the Troops 2012, this was finally acknowledged.
  • The immense warmth and respect with which he recalls his rivalry with Eddie Guerrero on the 2009 Viva La Raza DVD.
  • His induction speech for Heterosexual Life Partner Ron Simmons at the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame.
  • An in-character moment: his Cabinet encouraging him before his title defense against Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker at WWE Armageddon 2004. In return, JBL showed true gratefulness, especially to Orlando Jordan.
    Orlando Jordan: "Champ ... you've got this one, man."
  • As a commentator JBL was a constant and vocal critic of Smackdown GM Teddy Long, often crossing over into Insane Troll Logic in doing so. So how does JBL react to Long returning on the 10/10/2014 Smackdown? With total delight (repeating "That's my man!" as Long came down the ramp), leaving the commentators' booth while imitating Long's signature dance, then crossing over to him and enthusiastically shaking his hand before he gets in the ring. Cole even comments he hasn't seen JBL that excited since the aforementioned induction of Ron Simmons into the HoF.
  • When Dolph Ziggler superkicked Jerry Lawler on the January 17th episode of Smackdown, JBL didn't hesitate for a second to leave the commentary booth to check on him.