YMMV: Jaws 3D

  • Awesome Music: The love theme is quite nice, and the score for the climax is far more exciting then the actual climax itself.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Dennis Quaid starred as Michael Brody - about three months before the release of The Right Stuff.
  • Sequelitis: Many people argue on which is worse, this or the one with a stalking, and roaring, shark.
  • So Bad, It's Good
  • Special Effect Failure: Every shot of the shark, particularly the scene where it breaks the aquarium's glass shield.
  • What an Idiot: The first victim, who breaks the cardinal rule of diving: diving alone (or without telling anyone where he was going)to inspect a malfunctioning underwater gate. Even if there hadn't been a huge shark out there, some other disaster could have easily have happened with no one to rescue him—indeed, until his mangled corpse is found, there's considerable speculation from everyone—his wife, his friends, his employers, that he may have just run off on a bender.