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YMMV: Impractical Jokers
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: During one of the White Castle challenges, Q, Murr and Joe had someone put on a full-sized cat costume to scare Sal (who hates cats) out of the store and chase him around the parking lot. It works.
    • During the ep Cyber Buddies,the guys were walking down the street and talking in between challenges when Joe suddenly stuffs an entire doughnut into his mouth for no reason at all!
  • Crazy Awesome: Q and Joe both have moments of this. It ends up winning them a lot of challenges, because they're so audacious.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: This show lives off this trope!
    • In "Cyber Buddies", when Joe is working a grocery store cashier. Since the PA system is supposedly down and he needs a price check on an item, guess who he calls: Larry!!! When Larry fails to turn up, Joe looks at the camera and says, "I've been looking for this guy for about three years now." (The length of the show so far.)
  • Dude, Not Funny!: The Punishments and Murr's Butt Monkey treatment do have a bit of a tendency to invoke this to certain viewers.
  • Fridge Logic: In one episode BOTH Joe and Murr lost...but only Murr got punished! Why didn't Joe get punished? The rules are if you lose the most challenges, you get punished, and it was a tie. So, logically they BOTH should have received punishments!
    • Wild Mass Guessing: It was only a couple episodes after the one where Murr groped Joe's sister's butt for a gag, and considering that Joe's sister's HUSBAND wasn't pleased in the slightest, the guys probably did him a favor and let them beat on Murr the next time he lost, and seeing of JOE was the other one who lost, it would seem kind of illogical, even for the shows standards, to have his brother-in-law beat him up because he is angry for Murr groping his wife.
    • Logically, yes. But Murr is the Butt Monkey of the group, so there ya go.
    • It's averted in the new skydiving episode, but at the same time got worse: while Murr actually did lose, he was tricked into thinking they were all teaching skydiving classes, when really he was the only one to jump out of a plane. It actually brings Murr to tears!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the "Human Pinata" episode, the guys were talking about inventions, and Joe mentions he wants something that can do chores for him and keep him warm at night, to which Sal replies, "that's a wife." In addition, the "find a wife" challenge in the same episode is also mentionable, with Joe (at the time) telling the audience: "side note, none of us have wives", and then going on to describe his fake wife. It's made funny when Joe is the first Joker to get married several months later.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • LARRY!
    • Good morrow sire! Welcome to the Castle of White!
      • Welcome to White Castle, bitch.
    • Hey moustache!
  • Most Annoying Sound: Sal, during the elevator etiquette challenge in the Season 1 finale.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Pretty much any time a customer reacts in a way no one saw coming, it's this. Notable examples include the kind old man who helped Murr learn the meaning of the word douche, the crazy shirtless dude who frightened Q half to death while he was pretending to be a clerk, and a guy actually named Larry who caused much joy for the Jokers when they learned his name. Hilariously (and surprisingly) subverted with "Moustache", who showed up at the White Castle drive through at the precise moment the Joe was posing as a worker by pure coincidence.
  • Squick: The rich minefield of Sal's germophobia does not go unplumbed when he loses, being forced to dig through elephant feces for his car keys (in which they never put in said feces) and holding (fresh) dog poop for twenty seconds.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the punishment where he had to find his new phone in a trash barge; the first thing he said when he started going through it was "Is that diarrhea?", and eventually, the barge left the dock and headed out to the river. The guys told him to call them when he found his phone and they'd get him. After freaking out when he realized the ship was getting further and further out, he found his phone and called Joe...who sent him straight to voicemail.
    • And Up to Twelve when the guys snuck into Sal's house while he was away on vacation. Q rubbed a cat on Sal's bed, Murr went through his fridge and soiled his food, and Joe slept naked on his sofa, took a massive crap on the toilet, and rubbed his hands on everything in the restroom (including Sal's toothbrush). Finally, all three stood naked in his window and pelvic thrusted, much to the horror of Sal's neighbors. After, the stressed-out Sal (as part of a stress-relieving seminar, no less), declared he had to move because he now probably had "Hepatitis A through Zed."
  • Unwinnable by Design: The "From The Top" Joker Vs. Joker challenge for Q. His first action is to recite a poem, his second is to throw the shoe of the guy he's talking to. He has to do more than four actions to beat Sal. The guy only has two shoes.
  • The Woobie: Murr, for some, after what happened in the "Human Pinata" episode and most recently in "Look Out Below".

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