YMMV / Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

  • Complete Monster: Mary Lou Maloney in here and the following film was just an Alpha Bitch in life, manipulating boys to her own ends. When she used two boys to become prom queen, one of them, Billy, decides to retaliate with a prank, but Mary gets killed in a freak accident. Thirty years later, her spirit awakens when a girl named Jess takes a gem out of her crown, and as a result gets killed by Mary's spirit. She later torments the main character Jess's best friend Vicki Carpenter with Hellish hallucinations before possessing her. She later kills the local priest, Buddy (also one of her old prom dates), telling him there is no God or Heaven to torture him. As it turns out Vicki was dating Billy's son Craig, and Billy was the new principal, she uses this to plan to get revenge on Billy through his son and taunts him about it. Later she kills Vicki's other friend Monica for suspecting something is going on with Vicki. While getting ready for prom, she tries to seduce Vicki's father and kills her mother. At the prom, Mary cheats the vote by killing a boy named Josh, who's running the prom votes. Billy is forced to shoot Vicki but that just gives Mary physical form. In the rampage that follows, Mary opens a portal to the underworld and attempts to drag Craig down with her.
  • Nightmare Fuel: High points include Jesse's incredibly violent death, the locker room scene, and that rocking horse with its fucking tongue.