YMMV: Go Lion

  • Ear Worm: GO! GO! GOLION!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Shirogane was surprisingly popular despite his short run.
  • Evil Is Cool / Evil Is Sexy: Prince Sincline.
  • Fair for Its Day: In the 1980's, it was rare for a female character to have an active role as a main character in a shonen, especially if she wasn't a love interest for The Hero. Not only did Fala have a platonic relationship with Akira, but she also had no set pairings with any of the other men. As a main character, she was one of the pilots for Golion, learned Judo, used swords and guns and even had the chance to save the day every now and then. Despite being an occasional Faux Action Girl, for Golion's time, she would have been considered quite the Badass.
  • Fan Preferred Pairing: Sincline/Fala is a very popular pairing, both in Japan and the American dub.
  • GoLion Is Big In America: Voltron is far better known in America than GoLion is in Japan. In fact, GoLion is almost forgotten there. This is because when GoLion premiered in Japan, there were already tons of transforming/combining mecha shows on the airwaves, while in America it was the only show of its kind (and it had to compete with Super Sentai in Japan too, which, aside from a Gag Dub of Dynaman on Night Flight, America didn't get until the early 90s).
  • Tear Jerker: The death of the Gorgon beastman who adopted Shorty.
    • The destruction of Earth
    • Shirogane's death doesn't get a mention? Then of course his brother's death.
    • The princess' funeral, even though she gets better.
  • Too Cool to Live: Shirogane. His brother.
  • Ugly Cute: Jaga.