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YMMV: Dragon Booster
  • Designated Hero: While no one will argue Artha's intentions, it's a bad sign when his most heroic episodes usually required one of his friends or someone in authority to hold a massive Idiot Ball to set it up.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Moordryd (due to his Anti-Villain, Whip It Good tendencies), Beau (for being just so funny) and arguably Pyyrah (first and main female crew leader, fun to imagine a personality for, since she really exited to swap alliances as the plot demanded).
    • Rivett tended to have a high rating among fans, due to being "cute," cunning, and Badass.
  • Fridge Logic: Okay, most of the times the wraith dragons attacked Artha during the game in the finale could have been explained away as accidents or Artha messing up himself due to his injury. Moordryd then, fed up with his father's cheating, plants himself (no dragon, just himself) directly between a wraith and a crawling Artha (he somehow knew where the wraith was). He is knocked to the ground. Reiteration: a healthy, six-foot-tall teenager is standing on open ground and is somehow flung ten feet away. How did the officials not realize something was going on? Are the Academy Officials Too Dumb to Live? Wraiths are an accepted part of city life by now. Sure, not everyone knows Word is the guy controlling them, but it's clear that something is not right in the tournament final.
    • Some people, after reading the fan book and official info, theorize that only Down City and maybe Mid City have dealt with wraiths, and people from Sun City, like the Academy Officials, might not know about them. That doesn't mean it wasn't obvious that something was wrong, though. I mean, it hit wallbanger when Moordryd was knocked down by an invisible force and no one did anything.
  • Marty Stu: Lots of people accuse Artha of being one of those in the first season. But after episode 13, Artha STARTS to develop a personality.
    • And even more of an ego. And since only a few episodes (a Wham Episode, usually) had an effect on continuity, it was never truly dealt with. Pride of the Hero and its implications went ignored by the writers (but not the fans), Artha the Drac had no impact overall outside of introducing Vociferous as a One-Episode-Wonder, and everything not explicitly related to him tended to go by the wayside, despite having a personality.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Most due to the efforts of fans making them memetric, since no one got more than an episode as anything other than a Living Prop, but:
    • Vociferous: set up as a rival to Moordryd, but it was never followed up on. Fans tended to make plots out of that dropped idea.
    • Chute: became a Memetic Badass after her only episode
    • Marianis: either because unlike Pyyrah she had a personality, or because the fans liked pairing her with Moordryd.
    • Rivett: got an episode and short scene in another, becoming the main Ensemble Darkhorse out of sheer awesome and cunning.
  • Tear Jerker: Moordryd in Pride of a Hero reacts very, very strongly to his father saying "I'm impressed...I'm even...proud" to the point of snapping out of insanity. The sheer shock in his voice when he asked word for confirmation, and then his attempt to stop his own plan just from hearing those words...not only did it solidify that he's a serious "Well Done, Son" Guy, but it made you wonder if Word's ever seemed proud of him.
    • Moordryd again in Wraith Booster wandering the streets full of frozen citizens and then finding Lance, who wouldn't have been frozen if Moordryd hadn't flipped out on the kid and left him behind. Then things get worse when Moordryd goes to get his crew-mates to stop his father, only to find them, including his best friend, frozen too.
    • In the first episode, when Artha and Lance can't find their father and realize he must have died in the explosion of course, he didn't, but they didn't know that for two seasons while he went Stealth Mentor on them.
  • Villain Sue: Word never really got any serious come-uppance, and he never displayed too much Magnificent Bastard, just barely not being proved guilty or just never being considered (Moordryd and the Dragon Eyes being the one with the bad PR).
    • Until Moordryd became the Shadow Booster, and started breaking away from him, that is. Word actually got an Enemy Mine with his son (that he did not recognize), Mortis, and the Dragon Booster in the finale.

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