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Heartwarming: Dragon Booster
  • When Moordryd reveald his identity as the Shadow Booster to Cain in "Cain's Mutiny". It was nice to see that his friendship with Cain was more important to Moordryd than personal power.
    • Moordryd's behavior throught the espisode was nice to see actually. First he took the risk of going Shadow Booster in order to save Cain and his crew. Second, Moordryd actually DID show up for Cain's party. He just showed up a little late.
    • Also, despite it being Cain's party it was Moordryd's favorite cake that was made, which Moordryd even comments on. Aww.
  • Lance and Moordryd from the episode "The Wraith Booster". Lance pretty much sums it up when he tells Moordryd "I knew it! You're not so bad."
    • Turned into a CMOF when Moordryd oddly seemed offended by the statement (is he really trying that hard to be a Card-Carrying Villain?).
    • And then Lance running damage control by complimenting Moordryd's hair.
  • Moordryd in the final episode, telling his father to stop attacking Artha with Wraiths since Artha's already injured so Moordryd can easily win anyway. he certainly sounds a bit worried about Artha's injury (which admittedly, he caused).
    • And then throwing the match to a tie on purpose when Word doesn't listen, and getting attacked in Artha's stead.
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