YMMV / Darth Bane

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: While Bane believes the Brotherhood of Darkness has weakened the Sith with its togetherness and loyalty, it's actually said that a large part of that is Kaan's using the Force power Battle Meditation at times to alter the Brotherhood's opinions. Kaan even tries it on Bane; it doesn't work. Bane doesn't respect Kaan any more for this though, since in his eyes it merely proves how weak Kaan himself is (for needing to rely on it in the first place) and the rest of the Sith under his command are (for being weak enough to be controlled by it).
  • Complete Monster:
    • Darth Bane is the one who both destroys and reinvents the Sith. Born Dessel to a simple miner, Bane became a soldier and eventually joined the Sith Academy at a young age. Soon enough, Bane became a devotee of the Dark Side and came to the conclusion the current Sith were weak and flawed. Bane would soon abandon anything resembling morality or compassion. When poisoned, he saved his life by slaughtering a father's three young sons in front of him, drinking in the man's agony before killing him as well. He received healing only when he threatened to torture a healer's young daughter to death. When he rejoined the Sith with the goal to purge them, Bane led them in a ritual that stripped a world of life and finally tricked the leader of the Sith brotherhood, Lord Kaan, into using a forbidden technique that wiped out the Sith and Jedi armies, leading their souls imprisoned in a horrible prison for the next thousand years.
    • Darth Zannah, previously known as Rain, is Bane's first true apprentice who submits herself to the Dark Side as a young girl after she crosses the Despair Event Horizon. Proving herself to have the potential for evil, she murdered the crew of a small ship, including children, to secure passage to rejoin Bane. After ten years with Bane, any kindness or innocence Zannah once had is dead and gone. She has no compunction betraying her lover to his death, never having cared about him to begin with. When she discovers a terrorist in the same conspiracy was her lover's other woman, Zannah reveals her talent as a Mind Rape specialist: she uses her sith sorcery to destroy the woman's mind with horrible visions that make her claw out her own eyes until her mind is destroyed, save for a small pocket of consciousness where she will suffer until death. After a duel with the Jedi, Bane is critically injured. Unwilling to let him die before she has all his teachings, Zannah tricks her cousin and the same healer Bane blackmailed years ago, before she slowly hacks the healer to death with her lightsaber and uses her powers to drive her cousin into insanity so the Jedi will kill him, thinking he's the Sith Lord. While Bane is ice cold, devoid of emotion and feeling, Zannah is violent and openly cruel and sadistic, preferring to cause pain mentally. She is a worthy heir to the millennia long evil of the Sith.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Darth Bane and Zannah.
  • Epileptic Trees: Karpyshyn intended for it to be clear that Zannah won the duel at the end of Dynasty of Evil and fought off Bane's possession attempt, but it didn't take. Subsequently, fans theorized that not only had Bane succeeded in taking over Zannah's body, but that he had repeated the process since with every Sith apprentice down to Sidious.
  • Evil Is Cool: Darth Bane.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Bane crosses this for most when he kills a couple of children to survive, though readers still like him. So it's more a Kick the Dog or I Did What I Had to Do moment. Zannah also has such a moment after torturing her cousin to madness and using him to deflect attention from the Sith, though for some other readers it's when she destroys another woman's mind with her sorcery just because the woman was a romantic rival.