Awesome / Darth Bane

  • Darth Bane lends himself to quite a few. Case in point: when he totally wipes the floor with Sirak, an Academy student who had up until that point been believed to be invincible and who had trashed Bane before. Not to mention his manipulating the Brotherhood of Darkness into destroying itself.
  • Caleb gets one for standing his ground against Darth Bane by sheer willpower.
  • Zannah uses her guile and sith sorcery to infiltrate the Jedi temple in Rule Of Two. After using a spell to conceal her true nature, and taking on a false identity, she is able to walk right into the home of her mortal enemy. Searching through the archives for hours without anyone being the wiser. If not for her unexpectedly running into Davoit her plan would've gone off flawlessly.
  • Zannah unleashing her Sith sorcery during her final battle with Bane in Dynasty of Evil. Summoning a physical manifestation of the Dark Side capable of taking his arm right off? Awesome. Not to mention fighting off his Grand Theft Me attempt, leaving Bane's spirit to die in the void, and firmly establishing herself as the rightful Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • Bane surviving Serra's poisonous torture through sheer defiance.
    Darth Bane: I know what it means to suffer. I used to be a victim. But I refused to accept my lot in life. I made myself strong. Those who are victims have no one to blame but themselves. They do not deserve pity; they are victims because of their own failures and weaknesses.