YMMV: Dangerously Chloe

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  • Dude, Not Funny!: The major reaction to this strip, where Chloe sabotages Teddy's date with Trianna after they were on quite good terms. It was seemingly meant to show how much Chloe has grown attached to Ted and doesn't want to leave him, but considering Ted needs a girlfriend otherwise his soul is damned to hell and Chloe just sabotaged Ted out of a chance to be free of the contract, it just makes it come across a huge dick move on Chloe's part to a good deal of readers.
  • Les Yay: One of Chloe's classmates makes mention of "kissing class." There has been no sign of any males at the school.
    • As Chloe explains, all succubi are female. There are no males.
  • The Scrappy: She didn't even get that much screentime, but you'd be hardpressed to find any readers that like Trianna after the sour first impression her debut scenes made.