YMMV / Dangerously Chloe

  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The Valentine's Day chapter, which consisted of page after page of happy relationships being broken up in the name of the succubi's warped sense of right and wrong. People were already beginning to get tired of it by the first dozen or so breakups, and by the time it was wrapping up...
    • While not an arc per sé, the ongoing subplot of Teddy's second Gender Bender has really grated the nerves of many readers due to an unexpected sleaze factor and the feeling that Teddy's behaviour as a girl has become increasingly out of character.
  • Broken Base: Everything about the strip club arc. Either it's a clever diversion or a ridiculous Wacky Wayside Tribe. The fact that Teddy succeeded in working there as a minor is either an acceptable development or insultingly implausible. The fact that its strippers have stage personas based in national stereotypes including Asian Speekee Engrish and Oireland is either amusing or insufferably tone-deaf humor that falls completely flat.
  • Fetish Retardant: Teddi going to work at a strip club. For some readers, any potential sex appeal is ruined by the fact Teddi is underage.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Whether she knows it or not, Lucretia has it bad for Chloe.
    • Naomi's obsession with investigating Teddy and proving he's an alien can feel like this at times. Strictly speaking, she didn't have to go on a date with him to do so, and she seemed pretty upset when she caught him in her room with Gabby...
  • Idiot Plot: Ever since the advent of Teddi's second Gender Bender subplot, multiple readers have come to see the comic as suffering from this, with the writer digging up plot contrivances, lazy Hand Waves and outright Ass Pulls to pad the length of the comic and avoid addressing an issue that would be easily handled if the characters would just talk to one another clearly.
  • Les Yay: The girls at Chloe's school engage in a kissing class. It has been shown that they do this with each other in their natural female forms, with no male demons on-site.
  • The Scrappy:
    • She didn't even get that much screentime, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any readers that like Trianna after the sour first impression her debut scenes made. That said, her hatedom has petered out over time due to lack of focus.
    • A rising number of readers have added Pandora to their scrappy list, especially after she started messing with Teddy's family life while remaining a Karma Houdini. Her contributions to the plot after Teddy's second Gender Bender have only made things even worse.
    • Abby, for becoming a Too Dumb to Live Bratty Half-Pint who only cares about having big breasts. The recent storyline of her injecting herself with succubus blood to have big breasts is a source of ire towards her character for many readers. It only got worse when she signed a contract offered by Ilsa to give her full succubus powers and a scholarship at Tartarus Academy with no regard for how it would affect Chloe (AFTER she had a breakdown about how she couldn't take Chloe's boobs from her and told Chloe she was her hero) along with the selfish motivation of her wanting to have adventures like Teddy. Then it got Chloe kicked out of the deCarlo house, and the hatred turned vitriolic.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Many readers have increasingly begun to feel this way about Teddy since his second Gender Bender, believing his behaviour is too out-of-character, too stupid or too despicable for them to support his would-be quest to find Chloe a potential boyfriend. His throwing Chloe out of the house is also seen by some as weakened too much by Moral Myopia and his own irresponsibility towards Abby.
    • Chloe as well. Teddy at least had decent reasons (making everything in his life worse, breaking up his parents in the past, turning him into a girl, getting his baby sister turned into a succubus) for throwing her out of the house in tears. While it can be argued that Chloe didn't mean for any of that to happen and some of it is not directly her fault, her presence in Teddy's life is the catalyst that causes everything terrible to happen, which even she outright admits is the case.
  • What an Idiot!: Abby injects herself with succubus blood to get a bigger chest. She comes to Chloe for questions and Chloe decides to look into a way to get Abby back to normal.
    You'd Expect: Chloe to take Abby to Adora, her mother, who stated all the way back in Eerie Cuties when Chloe is first sent to Tartarus Academy that if she needs any sort of help, she's more than welcome to come to her.
    Instead:Chloe conveniently forgets her mother exists and ends up going to Sgt. Slash-Stab, a sadistic Troll who cheerfully Out-Gambits people who try to manipulate her, and thinking she'd help her undo Abby's transformation into a half-succubus. All that happened was things got a thousand times worse.
    • Later, after Sgt.Slash-Stab coerces Abby into signing a contract that makes her a full-blown succubus, Teddi finds out about what happened and loses his shit with Chloe.
      You'd Expect: For the first thing to Chloe to state is that Abby injected herself with Succubus blood on her own and that there were two demon hunters (Tandy and Gabrielle) trying to kill them both later (Although Chloe didn't realize they were both going to be spared.) and that she only took them both to Hell to escape from them.
      Instead: She leaves all of that out and words things in ways that anger Teddi to a point where she refuses to listen to Chloe's explanations.
      Also: Teddi accuses Chloe of being nothing but a demon sent from hell to torment him and his family.
You'd Expect: Chloe to, again, explain that Abby injected herself with succubus blood herself and tell of the encounter with Tandy and Gabrielle.
Instead: She finds it relevant and necessary to tell the already angry Teddi that he's technically right since it's the reason Slash-Stab lets Chloe stay there, and starts to mention her college credits.
The Result: Teddi finally loses it and kicks Chloe out of the De Carlo house.