Funny / Dangerously Chloe

  • Teddy seems to have dropped "something".
  • You might be thinking "Wow, Chloe is surprisingly nice and straightforward, considering that every other succubus is a Manipulative Bitch." And then this happens.
    Chloe: Pandora, where do you keep the good chloroform?
    Pandora: Third shelf on my dresser. Why?
    Chloe: Teddy has a date tonight and I want it to go off without a hitch.
    Pandora: A date? Teddy? Oo! Oo! So many ways to mess with him! I need to start plan— [gets rag doused with chloroform shoved in her face] MFF MMFF!
    Chloe: Oh, like you haven't chloroformed me before! [Pandora passes out] Shh, shh, go to sleep, sillyhead. When I said "hitch," I meant "you".
  • Teddy gets stuffed into a fridge.
  • When asked how the hell Chloe ended up giving Teddy "kissing lessons" it turns out that Chloe caught a glimpse of Teddy coming out of the shower. And as it turns out he looks pretty damn good without a shirt. Enough to make a succubus blush.
  • During Teddy's out-of-body experience, he happens to notice something unusual in the sky and decides to take a closer look. It turns out it was Alchemy twerking. Of course, once she realizes she's been caught in the act, she dies of embarrassment and hightails it.
  • Alchemy gets ready to go to work, but Teddy interrupts her internal monologue.
    Alchemy: [thinking] I have become death, the reaper of souls.
    Teddy: Hey...Hi there...
    Alchemy: [thinking] No apparition shall escape me. No phantasam shall—
    Teddy: I was watching you dance and...
    Alchemy: [whirls around] Stop looking at my butt!
    Teddy: I... no! I wasn't! I was—
    Alchemy: Harassing me?
    Teddy: ...No. I was...I saw you dancing in the clouds, and...and I thought that was interesting and I wanted to find out more about y—
    Alchemy: A-Are you saying you're interested in me?
    Teddy: Uh...yyyyyyes?
  • Chloe and Pandora attempt to give Abby The Talk. Keep in mind that both Chloe and Pandora are both succubi and have a, shall we say, skewed viewpoint on sex.
  • Apparently not even an incubus (the male form of a succubus) can handle the sexual power of a succubus.
  • Abby injects herself with Chloe's blood to give herself big boobs like Chloe. It instead gives her horns, wings and a tail. Chloe ends up taking her to Sgt. Slash-Stab... who is laughing her ass off.
    Ha ha ha ha! You... turned his sister into a... Aha ha ha ha ha!