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Funny: Dangerously Chloe
  • Teddy seems to have dropped "something".
  • You might be thinking "Wow, Chloe is surprisingly nice and straightforward, considering that every other succubus is a Manipulative Bitch." And then this happens.
    Chloe: Pandora, where do you keep the good chloroform?
    Pandora: Third shelf on my dresser. Why?
    Chloe: Teddy has a date tonight and I want it to go off without a hitch.
    Pandora: A date? Teddy? Oo! Oo! So many ways to mess with him! I need to start plan—*gets rag doused with chloroform shoved in her face* MFF MMFF!
    Chloe: Oh, like you haven't chloroformed me before! *Pandora passes out* Shh, shh, go to sleep, sillyhead. When I said "hitch, I meant "you".
  • Teddy gets stuffed into a fridge.
  • When asked how the hell Chloe ended up giving Teddy "kissing lessons" it turns out that Chloe caught a glimpse of Teddy coming out of the shower. And as it turns out he looks pretty damn good without a shirt. Enough to make a succubus blush.
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