YMMV / Crash Bash

  • Game-Breaker: A lightning bolt power up on Tilt Panic is pretty much an instant win. Because of the tilting gimmick, more often than not all the characters will just slide right off the stage without you having to touch anything. Compare it to the other levels where if they get struck by lightning you still have to take care of pushing them off, and it's pretty silly how much it trivializes this particular arena. In fact, your best bet with the gem and crystal challenges is to just keep going until you get a lightning bolt.
  • Good Bad Bug: The memory manipulation glitch in the Adventure Mode of the game leads to a variety of effects, from really beneficial ones (like winning rounds very quickly), to weird ones (like making the enemy's model disappear or screwing with the camera's movement), or the ones that cause the game to crash.
  • Most Annoying Sound: YOU FAIL. Expect to hear it a lot.
  • Rooting for the Empire: This game is made as pure catharsis for fans of the Crash villains. Not only can you play as most of the key bad guys here, you can get a "bad ending" where you help Uka Uka outright take over the world! And if you have a second player handy, you can have them play as a good guy so you fight them directly to win the game. You can have Cortex beat the living tar out of Crash!
  • The Scrappy: Rilla Roo, who is a Flat Character (his personality is literally "monkey") that never showed up in any of the Naughty Dog games and also copies Dingodile's gimmick of being a Mix And Match Critter (plus being part Kangaroo, an animal already represented in the series in the form of Ripper Roo). He might have a few fans here and there, but otherwise most people either dislike him, don't care for him or simply forgot he existed.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: While many of the mini games are fun, the rule of winning them three times over can get tedious, leading to up to a maximum of nine rounds per mini game. Even in standard Battle Mode you can only decrease it to a two round victory (making a five round game at max). Mercifully the gem and crystal challenges require only one victory, however, the relic challenges require you beat them two or three times in a row.
  • Surprise Difficulty: Adventure Mode looks like reliable and fun Crash fare, but anyone who has played the last four Crash games will notice how rotten this one can get. Might also count as a Sequel Difficulty Spike in relation to the Crash series as a whole. The cooperative mode, while no pushover, is easier since it evens the odds with 2-on-2 games.
  • That One Boss: Like CTR, the bosses are a LOT tougher in this game. Even Papu Papu puts up a fight, like in CTR.
  • That One Level:
    • While Ballistix as a whole is infuriating, N. Ballism takes the cake. There are two gimmicks: Magnet powerups that repel the ball and N. Gin apearing and firing balls in a counterclockwise direction. Considering how the computer players can easily get the magnets, the level becomes the hardest Ballistix level, even more than the next one. The crystal challenge for it makes it worse by making it so that N. Gin will only attack your goal. This is somewhat alleviated by him shooting the balls in the same location every time and having bigger gaps between each shot, but still.
    • Sky Balls, Crystal Challenge. Any player who has made any serious attempt to actually complete this task is probably still haunted by it in their sleep. There are red balls that randomly show up this time, and they will kill you in one hit. That doesn't mean you wait a few seconds to spawn again; it means you fail on the spot! Of course, the AI can kick these all day without any issue. If they go through your goal, they don't count off; however, what really makes this a pain is that sometimes the regular balls will, completely randomly, turn red when a computer kicks one, and in many cases, you will have no time to react. And worse yet, sometimes the balls will end up going at just the right angle to make them completely unavoidable by traveling all the way across your goal area, ensuring you die through no fault of your own. The icing on the cake? You still have to feed ten regular non-deadly balls into all of the AI's goals. Yes, despite the fact that they themselves can hit the red balls, they still don't take off from any of their scores! Oh, AND if you manage to not touch any red ball for the entire duration of the round, you can STILL LOSE because you lost your ten points too! It's pretty clear that this stage was not given enough proper playtesting, as it stacks the odds way too high in the AI's favor.
    • The Gem AND the Crystal for Pogo Padlock. For the Gem challenge on single player, you have to score 120 points and the CP Us will need 90, whilst in co-op, you need to score 240 and the CP Us require 180. Pogo Padlock's Gem challenge is difficult because stepping on the spots you already made resets them to normal ones and getting hit will replace your colour with the one that hit you. In the Crystal challenge, the only way to get coloured spots is to hit your opponents. Unfortunately, the enemies can still replace it by hitting you or just stepping on them. Fortunately in the Crystal challenge, stepping on your own spots doesn't reset them.