Funny / Crash Bash

  • In the intro sequence, Aku Aku summons good characters for his side, while Uka Uka summons bad characters for his side. Aku Aku is easily outnumbered (Uka Uka's team has: Cortex, N. Brio, Tiny Tiger, Koala Kong, Dingodile and Rilla Roo), and protests that Uka Uka has too many players.
  • An early prototype of the game had placeholder graphics for the Komodo Bros. health bars. The placeholders in question? Bart and Homer Simpson.
  • The crystal challenge for Space Bash is pure insanity. You're handicapped with the inability to pick up crates, but there's another twist that the game doesn't state in the instructions... all the crates are explosive. Now consider that this is Space Bash...where every explosive crate leaves a hole in the floor. The result? Hilarity Ensues. This is one of the only crystal challenges people would replay or bring a friend with because it was one of the only ones that actually put a fun twist on the map rather than a mean one. Many people played this just to see how many holes in the floor they could make, especially when the AI would get confused and start running in circles on a one block platform. Can also count as Best Level Ever.