YMMV / Cold Days

  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • A fight between Fix and Harry has been built up since Small Favor and despite Fix having multiple advantages....Harry beats him rather easily because Harry had territorial advantages with Intellectus and a piece of iron.
    • Same could be said of the Redcap. Once Mab appears, no one dare continue to fight, save Maeve and Lily.
    • Ace goes down easily too despite earlier clever use of little folk and explosives.
  • Awesome Music: Along with the Funny Moments page's mention of Dresden imagining his "physical therapy" as a montage set to "Walk" by the Foo Fighters, it's noted that after Harry kicks ass at the birthday party, Mab dances with him to an orchestral rendition of ".45" by Shinedown.
  • Crazy Awesome: As usual, Harry's plans end up being this, but this line, where he's talking Murphy into a particular course of action, stands out as emblematic:
    Harry: You have to admit, it isn't the craziest thing I've asked you to do. It isn't even the craziest thing I've asked you to do tonight.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The Winter Sidhe are described as "an empty void, which creates nothing but desire to fill it". They also have a tendency to wear very, very, very little.
    • Of note is when Maeve has been "vajazzled".
  • Genius Bonus: Odin is Father Christmas. A brilliant mythological joke if you've taken any comparative religion classes. Mab pointing out that no winter knight had shown the court such defiance since Tam Lin also counts, as every element of that story is compatible with him being a winter knight. Even more interestingly 'Tam Lin' is about a knight escaping the mantle. This may be significant later.
  • Moral Event Horizon: There is no coming back for Maeve after she kills Lily.
  • Never Live It Down: Harry having passing-on-the-mantle nookie with Mab in Changes comes up again, this time with Fix and Lily.
  • Stoic Woobie: At the end of this, Mab certainly counts. Her daughter Maeve was possessed by Nemesis and threatened to destroy the world, ended up being killed before her eyes, and by Maeve's actions her second daughter has become the Summer Lady, keeping her from Sarissa and destroying the relationship of BFFs they had previously. The only hint we get of her deeper turmoil is when she admits to Harry who asked if she didn't like her choice to have Maeve killed, "[she] was mortal once."
  • True Neutral: With the sole exception of taking up a weapon to fight Sharkface in his home, Mac truly shows himself to be this. He is, in his words, "out." Not Harry's inquiries after the attack or even being shot gets much of a rise out of him.
  • The Woobie: Like Mab, but Titania is more open with her grief. She knew Aurora was evil and needed to be stopped, but Aurora was still her baby girl.