YMMV: Bushido Blade

  • Anticlimax Boss: Bushido Blade 2's Shainto campaign has a final stage against the last surviving Kagami... a girl that just sits there, wishing not to fight and to be killed for her ancestors' misdeeds. One slash and it's over, though there's also the choice to spare her.
  • Broken Base: The second game reduced the number of stances and moves, removed the honor system in fights, had horrible dubbing, and nerfed the wounding system. The fanbase was not pleased.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The only way to get the best ending in the first game is to beat every enemy without being injured or killed even once. There is a way to skip fighting most of the normal characters, but it involves running through many different sets of scenery for a few minutes, injuring the opponent's leg, and then jumping down a hole. This is arguably the one area the sequel improved on.
  • That One Boss: Katze. He has a gun and is extremely agile, you have a sword and clunky running controls. However, he only has six shots. If he doesn't kill you with them, he's a sitting duck while he reloads. Moreover, injuring his left arm prevents him from reloading.