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YMMV: Blast Corps
  • Best Level Ever: The Moon.
    • Anything involving the J-Bomb. Even those weird semi-platformer levels.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Practically the whole soundtrack, although Simian Acres takes the gold. Composer Graeme Norgate has the entire soundtrack available for download for free on his website.
  • Ear Worm: The level select theme. "Time to get moving!"
  • Game Breaker: With the Z-Button Glitch, you can become the ultimate supervillain, and destroy ANY building the game by simply getting out of your vehicle.
  • Goddamned Bats: There a lots of obstacles such a blocks, indestructible walls, and moments when the carrier gets in your way, and knock some of the vehicles around.
  • The Scrappy: The Backlash for the most part; it's difficult to master and incredibly clumsy to drive around.
    • Creator's Pet: The Backlash is one of the most common vehicles in the game, and a goodly chunk of the solo-vehicle levels are devoted to it. As are a lot of random bonus levels, including the solar system tour. Get used to seeing it, as much as you won't want to.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Using the dump truck, Backlash. Though they do make up for it, more or less, with the moon.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Your team will always chime in to comment on how well you are doing or how you need to hurry when the truck is close to crashing into something. There's no option to shut them up.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Compare "Circuitry" by Front Line Assembly to Tempest City.
  • That One Sidequest: Getting the platinum medals for the most part is the hardest thing to do. In fact, it's been said this is the hardest game to get entirely completed.
  • That One Level: Oyster Harbor.
    • Oyster Harbor is worlds easier if you use the Z-button trick on the appropriate buildings.
      • With or without the Z-button glitch, Oyster Harbor is filled with Guide Dang Its. Metal blocks that all blow up together, but only if you drop TNT in them middle between two blocks (otherwise just one block blows up and there's not enough time to do that for each block). Little grooves that need to be filled in with blocks, and then (if not using the Z-glitch), the longest TNT run in the game by far. To add insult to injury, the boats near the end give you a signal when they're lined up so that the carrier can get through, but the signal sometimes thinks the boat's placed ok when it's not, which means you might be on the way to deliver that last piece of TNT, and all of a sudden BOOM!, as it crashes into a "well-placed" boat.
    • Diamond Sands. It requires the Backlash and you have to get rid of buildings ON FUCKING TRAIN TRACKS.
      • ANY level where you have to drive that damned dump truck, in fact.
    • J-Bomb Circle. J-Bomb's chief attack involves touching the ground. J-Bomb Circle is a set of mini-levels that asks what if you CAN'T touch the ground? N64 controllers will be broken. And just as a nice "fuck you" from the developers, the last level is the aformentioned Camera Screw Baboon Catacombs. That is your reward.
    • Jade Plateau is a race level. Getting Bronze isn't too bad. Silver's ok. Hey, even the Gold time is fairly easy. The Platinum time? You need to take a shortcut through the grass for every lap. Problem is, sometimes this grass slows you down a little, and sometimes it slows you down a lot. It all depending on exactly how you maneuver into the shortcut. There's no trick, you just have to hope you take the pixel-perfect trajectory the game is looking for every lap and nail the rest of the race to have any hope of matching the Platinum time.
  • Uncanny Valley: The bulldozer-ish trucks that serve as the Ghosts in Gibbon's Gate and Baboon Catacomb (both Pac-Man esque levels) just look bizarre, as if they've been stretched up or something. They also turn up on Mars, so that might be an explanation.

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