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YMMV: Battlefield 3
  • Abridged Arena Array:
    • For vehicle lovers, there's 24/7 Gulf of Oman or 24/7 Caspian Border servers.
    • There are more 24/7 Operation Metro servers than all other types combined. For people that love close-quarters, meatgrinder action and huge point counts. They grow even more numbers during double XP weekends.
    • Team Deathmatch players go to Noshahr Canals for even more claustrophobic action.
    • Damavand Peak rush.
  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Being Russian. Dima makes fun of this when he's warned by Bulganov in the novel that he'll be looked at as the bad guy when he hunts for Solomon in Paris.
      Dima: "So? We're Russians. We always get to be the bad guys."
    • In the community itself, campers who refuse to move forward, USAS users, MAV riders, and M26 Dart glitchers.
    • Hackers. Obviously.
    • Anyone with a high ping lagging the server.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: "Going Hunting", the on-rails jet fighter mission, has absolutely no bearing on the rest of the campaign's plot whatsoever. Even the characters mention this in the cutscene after the mission.
  • Better Than Canon: Battlefield 3: The Russian, the novelization, for some players, primarily because they say the story actually makes sense in the book due to them actually characterizing the characters.
  • Broken Base:
    • Various server options. Hardcore mode. Killcam. Rush. Conquest. Xbox. PC. Playstation.
    • On the PC, a tool called the Color Tweaker (also known as an "FXAA Injector") was released that modified game files to edit color settings and remove shaders in the game. It is a game hack, like an aimbot or map hack. The fanbase is split over whether or not it constitutes cheating like its cousins the aimbot and wallhack or a legitimate modification to make the game more realistic. People use it at their own risk, but Punkbuster will not ban for it, and servers will at worst kick from the server for it.
    • For consoles, player-rented servers. For some, it's great to personalize your own server and it's a blast to build and play with a tight community rather than random nobodies. For others, it's tiring to see nothing but 1000-ticket 24/7 Metro servers and dealing with Jerkass server admins willing to ban at a drop of a hat, and, worse yet, find that nearly all the official DICE servers have disappeared.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Battlefield can now be split into two periods, with the March 2012 patch being where the split takes place.
    • IRNV: Everyone used this sight early in the game's lifespan, as it would light up opposing players in bright orange. It was nerfed to the point of uselessness by making it take time to fade in, as well as not showing enemy units more than 50 meters away.
    • Assault: Pre-patch assault players used the F2000, AEK-971, or the FAMAS due to their high rates of fire. Post-patch, the FAMAS's handling and ammo capacity changes nerfed it into oblivion and the F2000 is useless beyond 20 meters. The top three guns since then are (in order of effectiveness) the M16A3, the AEK-971, and the M416. The M16A3 with Heavy Barrel reigns supreme with its low recoil (even with the Heavy Barrel penalty), high rate of fire, and fast reload, making it the Jack of All Stats gun, and competitive players will often use it exclusively. Despite the nerfs, the AEK is still very controllable, and its second-fastest fire rate in the Assault tier makes it attractive in close quarters. The M416 has barely any recoil and the fastest reload in tier, but gets used the least due to its comparatively slower fire rate.
    • Engineers gravitate to the M4A1 for the same reasons as the M16A3. Players looking for a more balanced gun might use the G36C instead.
    • The Support class, with its variety of well-balanced guns but no superior weapon, inverts the trope. The class only contains Scrappy Weapons that aren't used like the QBB, MG36 and Type 88, which heavily suck compared to the rest.
    • Damn near every Recon use the M98B since it's the most powerful sniper rifle in the game, though after Back to Karkand the L96 is seeing some action since it shoots like a laser and it doesn't require as much grinding as the M98B.
      • Pre-patch the only semi-auto sniper rifle of any use was the M39 EMR: Very accurate, quick to fire and could be used in medium range as a 'designated marksman' style of play. Post-patch, the SKS has been buffed to the stars to the point it can compete with assault rifles. After Close Quarters, the SKS has been dethroned by the M417 as the semi-auto rifle of choice.
    • Gun attachments: Pre-patch nearly everyone used the Foregrip/Suppressor combination to significantly reduce recoil to the point where Bipods, Heavy Barrels and Flash Suppressors were never used. Post-patch, the Heavy Barrel/Foregrip combo is the new hotness for its very large spread reduction while aiming down sights and reduced horizontal recoil, with only a minimal vertical recoil increase and reduction of hip fire accuracy. Some guns do work better with just the Heavy Barrel however.
    • Gun sights are a matter of preference, but out of the various versions, the main ones used are the Kobra (the competitive player's sight of choice), Reflex (seen as more of a stopover before getting the Kobra), US Holographic, and the 8x or 12x for sniper rifles.
    • Post-patch pistol changes mean the best players will use one of three sidearms: The G18 Suppressed fully-automatic pistol has a high rate of fire that is equivalent to the MP7 at very close range and is used for players who want a true 'backup' weapon; the 93R burst fire pistol received a major buff in the patch, catering to those who feel they need a more controllable gun than the G18; and finally the .44 Magnum, which is a two shot kill due to a buff giving it a 1.25 damage multiplier to the chest, is used by players who are extremely accurate and will pick and choose either their primary weapon or the Magnum based on the situation.
    • MP7 with Laser + Extended Mags is the hip fire weapon. Its hip fire is often more accurate than many guns when aimed down sight and it is quicker to get bullets on target because of its hip fire. Its only drawback is that the extended mags mean you only have less than a handful of reloads, so playing a support kit or having the Ammo perk is mandatory.
    • The USAS-12 with Frag rounds. It's basically a handheld IFV cannon. It's super accurate, has no "bullet" drop, kills in 2-3 direct hits, creates splash damage if it misses, and (since the USAS-12 is an automatic shotgun) extremely spammable. Anyone using it will be met with much gnashing of teeth, and it's so bad that it was severely nerfed. This video is a good demonstration.
    • When the March patch completely broke the M26 Dart, there were people who used nothing but that extremely overpowered, glitched combination on the smallest maps like Noshahr in Deathmatch or Metro in Conquest, with tens of thousands of kills with it.
    • Nearly all MBT/IFV drivers will run Reactive Armor and IR Smoke. The default armor for vehicles has the durability of wet tissue so Reactive Armor is a must for basic survivability, and IR Smoke stops the constant bombardment from lock-on missiles.
    • Air vehicles will often equip ECM Jammer; it's supposed to only break lock, but due to the bugginess of the attachment it's basically an upgraded IR Flare with a shorter cooldown. Good jet pilots will often equip Rocket Pods, while helo gunners equip TV Missile.
    • Camouflage-wise, Spec Ops Black as it hides your heat signature from infra-red optics. It's also useful for hiding in buildings since the interior is usually dark. It also looks cool.
    • The general strategy for Kharg Island seems to be setting up a spawn beacon in the building where the Docks capture point is, so that people can parachute in on the roof and take pot shots from there.
  • Crazy Awesome: Anyone who uses the skid loader added in Back to Karkand in a game where there are tanks, jets, and rocket launching helicopters.
  • Fridge Horror: In the campaign. After chasing down the apparent nuke carrier around Paris only to find the case empty, you see the nuke going off far off into the distance. You suddenly realize the plan was to lure you away from the stock exchange all along in order to get your jammer out of range. Not only did 80,000 lives vanish in that instant, the life of your teammate could've been saved if you stayed in the stock exchange building in the first place (or left an extra jammer in there while you go on the chase).
    • Once you boot up multiplayer and realize the Americans and the Russians are fighting each other, comes the horrific realization: Everything you've done as Sgt. Blackburn and Dima were futile. The Russo-American War is now underway.
      • Now not only does Dima have radiation poisoning and may have killed himself after the final scene, the fate of Sgt. Blackburn is also no better. Under the American federal law, he would be charged and will either be sentenced to life or death unless he has a presidential pardon. Since the Russo-American War is underway in the multiplayer, Sgt. Blackburn, the Russians, and everyone else involved most likely became scapegoats for politicians to start that war. In other words, so much for that pardon. Even though the nuke failed to detonate in Times Square, in this game The Bad Guy Wins indeed.
      • Not really. There were at LEAST a dozen civilian witnesses to Blackburn's last showdown and someone's gonna find that undetonated nuke, crashed train, and look the security camera footage at some point, so hell, Black's probably gonna get a medal for saving New York while those two short-sighted retards that try to call themselves CIA analysts are heading nowhere but the unemployment line for what their incompetence almost caused. Or not, because if the sequel is any indication, the CIA is probably that stupid after all.
      • Well, at least the novel showed Dima did not shoot himself, and the newspaper he was reading had the headline "Marine Hero Cleared of All Charges" so Blackburn probably escaped punishment.
      • Also, Multiplayer component does not necessarily have anything to do with the Singleplayer canon. It can, but it can also possibly be an alternate storyline that's there just for the sake of pitting an American team against a Russian team because someone in the dev team thinks that Russian uniforms look cooler than PLR ones.
  • Game Breaker:
    • The FAMAS assault rifle was this when the Back to Karkand DLC was newly released. It was accurate, had the fastest fire rate in the game (1000rpm) and could be hipfired like no tomorrow.
    • The USAS-12 with frag rounds was a death cannon before patches made both borderline joke weapons.
    • After DICE fixed the frag rounds, a programming error made the M26 Dart the new symbol of hatred.
    • A top level pilot can ruin a round because they will be invincible for anything but a similarly good player in your anti-aircraft vehicle. Otherwise you are screwed.
  • Gameplay Derailment: MAVs are ostensibly used for spotting enemies, but most players don't actually use it that way, preferring to use it in two ways: as an elevator to reach high, normally-inaccessible areas, or as a flying wrecking ball. On PC, with its 32v32 matches, it's just annoying. In 12v12 matches on consoles, however, with 4-6 Recon players sniping on rooftops or ramming players, your team is effectively cut in half and it turns the game into a boring slog, with the added annoyance of getting constantly sniped from anywhere and avoiding the MAVs out for blood by the other team's Recons doing the same. Fortunately, the March 2012 patch makes MAVs unridable and become destroyed as soon as it rams a player.
  • Goddamned Bats: MAVs. While it's easy to avoid its path, it can kill you in one hit if it rams you. Trying to get rid of one isn't easy; it's difficult to shoot down until it's almost on top of you due to the guns not being Hit Scan weapons, and Javelin and Stinger missiles will cheerfully hit the side of a building instead of the MAV in urban environments. After you finally take one out, another one will replace it thanks to a resupply crate.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Tourettes Medic.
    • Slapping some C4 on vehicle, send them at enemy tank then shoot the C4 out with your gun. The killfeed will show that you kill the driver with your gun and not C4. Leading to questions like "Did you just blow up my tank with a shotgun???".
    • The IRNV was nerfed badly in an early patch. However, the nerfing seems to have been done by commands in each level as opposed to the IRNV itself, and several levels in the game have the IRNV function perfectly like it did before the nerf.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: After Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was advertised with videos about how the game isn't about "Random Grenade Spam," the March patch introduced a bug where dropping multiple ammo boxes would vastly increase the rate grenades would refill. With 3 or 4 boxes it's essentially instant and enables a player to sit in one spot and throw grenades non-stop for an entire round.
  • HSQ: Has it in spades. Both online and single player.
  • Idiot Plot: Let's be honest, the entire climax is set up solely due to everyone above Blackburn in the chain of command being inhumanly stupid. The sequel seems to indicate that even in death and in the face of overwhelming evidence, the CIA still takes every thing Solomon said at face value without a second thought.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Be advised: You are being advised. Repeat: You are being advised. Over." note 
    • There has been a fascination with dinosaurs being in Battlefield 3 or other Battlefield games ever since a certain tweet.
    • Nailed it. note 
    • Telemetry note 
    • Just Better FXAA note 
    • Most of the Russian team's mangled English:
      • "FALL BACK! MILLET!"
      • "The anemy hahs seht the charch!"
  • Moral Event Horizon: Solomon, using a nuke to kill 80,000 people in France, and executing Miller.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • The lock-on tone. Get used to hearing it if you're going to drive any vehicle at all. *BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP*
    • Hearing the US side talk about their "shit getting pushed in" gets old after the millionth time you hear it.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: If you are on the winning team during 3, just before your team has their victory, the game will start playing the Battlefield Theme.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Nuke detonates in Paris while you are there. Your character, Miller, is captured and has his throat slit on camera as an example. Cities are on fire...
  • Pandering to the Base: The trailers, promos, and advertisements for Battlefield 3 have absolutely pulled no punches when it comes to stoking the Battlefield fandom's fully-reciprocated and often venomous Fandom Rivalry with that of Modern Warfare.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Most reviews hated the campaign's shallow Idiot Plot and boring missions and advise players to skip it and jump straight into multiplayer (Reviewers who know about the tie-in book will also tell players who want the campaign story to look it up).
  • Sequel Displacement: While the game was a sequel to the 2005 game Battlefield 2, many people thought of it as a sequel to Bad Company 2. Detractors of 3 will call it Bad Company 3, believing that it has little in common with 2 besides the company that made it.
  • The Scrappy: Lt. Cole seems to exist solely to make astonishingly stupid decisions that put his subordinates in unnecessary risks purely for the sake of getting a promotion. The moment that sealed the deal however was ordering his under-equipped and outnumbered Marines to engage Russian paratroopers completely unprovoked on an incredibly vague and outright insane suspicion that they were in cahoots with the arms dealer they were trying to bag. The results are exactly what you would expect. And he doesn't care that all but three of his company are all that survived. Black and Dima do realize what a dumbass he is and waste him, but by that point the damage is done and it's already too late. The really sad part is it's implied that this stunt would have gotten him the promotion he so desperately craved if he wasn't dead.
  • Scrappy Level:
    • There is almost universal disdain for the "Going Hunting" single player mission where you are given control of the weapons in a US Navy Hornet. Not actually flying them (Which would have been great, since you're not given a tutorial on how to fly jets). Just the weapons. Why it's hated is summed up adequately by this first impression video from The Cynical Brit.
    • Noshahr Canals is the least favoured multiplayer map for Conquest mode, but one of the more popular maps for Team Deathmatch.
    • Operation Firestorm on Rush has a ridiculously long distance between the attacking base to the first set of M-COMs. You will not be able to make it on foot, forcing everyone to use vehicles. Because of this, all it takes is for one person to stick up a SOFLAM for the rest of the team to use Javelins to completely shut down the attackers.
    • Seine Crossing's first stage B MCOM objective is one the hardest in the game. It is located in a small courtyard with three very small entrances. If the defenders get setup with spawn beacons there is no ability for the APC to influence this, resulting in the attackers throwing their tickets away trying to assault a near impregnable defensive position.
    • Operation Metro has three strikes against it: it was played to death in the beta, it's hated by those who think DICE is pandering to Call of Duty fans, and it's nearly unplayable with more than 24 players. Full-on 64 players turns the map into Bullet Hell, and anyone not shooting wildly is either throwing frags or reloading their rocket/grenade launcher.
    • On the co-op side, there's the mission "Drop 'em Like Liquid." Unless you and your partner have mics to coordinate your shots, successfully completing this mission is a crapshoot. The fact that the PC version has no built-in VOIP or even text chat makes it even worse.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Battlefield 3 was arguably the first DICE game to really have DICE's owners EA pushing them towards EA's overall strategy. This resulted in Origin, EA's rebadged 'EA Download Manager' being forced to be used with BF3. It is a bloated and completely unnecessary rival to Valve's Steam and is required to run the game even if bought as a DVD retail copy. Battlelog does not integrate with Origin except to launch the game, making it another pointless step done purely so that EA could try and wrest some control of digital distribution away from Valve. Needless to say, when EA yanked Crysis off Steam, and then confirmed that Battlefield 3 would not be part of Steam, gamers were not happy.
    • Battlelog. In what is a very fresh new look at managing games, DICE created Battlelog. This runs through a typical server browser, and contains the equivalent of a main menu, server browser and stats server. The biggest complaints were the lack of a not-while-being-shot-at in-game menu.
      • To elaborate: If you want to change your settings, you either take your chances during a match or do it via single-player. If you want to tweak your settings and check whether they fix the stuttering FPS count (or make using the gadgetry less uncomfortable), well, you'll just have to take your chances during a match.
    • A server that doesn't meet the minimum player requirements is completely locked. Thus no-one can run aroud or practice flying unless they are in an active server.
    • Killcam. Luckily it can be disabled.
    • 3D Spotting. The so called "dorito triangle" that hovers above anyone's head if they are spotted. In previous battlefield games this would only show up on the mini-map as a red dot or small picture of a vehicle. In this game it's literally over their head, enabling anyone to shoot at them without any line of sight or actual knowledge, just aim a little below the triangle and shoot. This can also be disabled as well.
      • It is a toned-down version of what was in Bad Company 2, though, and was generally received as positive. You can no longer spot people through foliage, you can no longer spot people obscured more than three-quarters of the way by level geometry, depending on server settings, you can only see spotted enemies if they are actually considered "visible" by the spotting rules. Of course, for many players from Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 1942, they want no spotting at all except on the mini-map.
    • All of Bad Company 2's annoying shortcomings (suppression fire, curvy bullets, etc) are back, with a vengeance.
    • Massive lens flare from a sun that looks like it's going supernova, considering it blinds you if you so much as face in its general direction.
    • A particularly annoying aspect is the amount of glare from dust, grime, and other dirtiness that hamper what you can see. It may make sense since the characters may be wearing ballistic eye wear, but there are times (notably in "Going Hunting") where the PC isn't wearing anything and you still get this.
    • Suppression. It was an interesting but gimmicky new mechanic at launch that only caused some minor blurring on your screen. However, after the March patch, suppression was given a MASSIVE buff, inflicting players with the perfect storm of failure with an extremely blurry screen, increased recoil, AND increased bullet deviation/spread, with just 1-2 bullets whizzing by. Almost everyone hates it, and even defenders of suppression are hard-pressed to defend the increased bullet deviation part of it.
    • Vaulting over objects. Sure it's cool to have the extra body awareness rather than the First-Person Ghost prevalent in most games, but it gets annoying hopping up and down like a caffeinated bunny trying to get over a chest-high wall or having to mantle over rocks, curbs, and sometimes even stairs.
    • Lock-on weapons in general.
    • The F-35 in the Back To Karkand pack is horribly slow, turns like a tank and switches thrust modes seemingly at random. More specifically, it slows down quicker than conventional-flight jets and holding the "throttle down" long enough will cause the F-35B to switch from forward flight to "hover" mode... which can be a nasty surprise for Russian infantry and ground vehicles, but the Russian jet is a conventional-flight Su-35, which will frequently win a dogfight unless the US pilot is consistently good at forcing overshoots.
    • After finally squashing the overpowered USAS and MAV Riding, DICE managed to introduce yet another stupid glitch/exploit. The M26 Dart, when used with a heavy barrel and an underslung rail, will give each of the 9 darts fired in a shot the same damage as the assault rifle it was attached to. It also massively increases accuracy, and shotguns do not suffer from suppression either. If attached to a G3 it generally ensures one-hit kills from medium-long ranges when it ordinarily would barely scratch a player. Conversely, using the M26 Slug with the same combination results in the slug having the damage of a single assault rifle round, making it entirely worthless except for Cherry Tapping a near-dead enemy.
      • The June 2012 patch fixed the M26 Dart exploit, but ignored the slug glitch and introduced another dubbed the "Smoke Railgun", activated in much the same way as the former exploit. Attaching the smoke grenade launcher to the newly introduced AUG via a heavy barrel would result in smoke grenades that had no drop, flew at the speed of light and were perfectly accurate. This was soon patched, too.
    • Are you bad at the game? Is your team losing by 300+ tickets? Well good news! If you're a server admin, you have a powerful ability only you can use: Tactical Team Switching. It's simple: Just switch yourself with someone on the winning team (bonus points if it's the top player or someone you dislike) and watch your win/loss ratio climb! Formerly a PC-only ability, but with the ability to rent servers on consoles, console server admins can now enjoy Tactical Team Switching as well.
    • Do not hide behind non-static cover in this game. Many of the maps have things like chairs, boxes, rubble and large crates that are not static and move around if hit by gunfire, the player or explosions. The problem is that these are client side rather than server side and is different for each player on their own system. This means that a large crate you are hiding behind that looks like it is protecting you isn't there for anyone else. You can be seen and shot through this non-solid, non-static cover, even if you appear to be in complete cover or protected behind it. From the enemy perspective, the cover simply doesn't exist, leaving your body sticking out like a sore thumb for an easy kill.
  • Scrappy Weapon:
    • Support:
      • The Type 88 LMG is hated by most players, especially by players that do weapon reviews, because of its very underwhelming performance in all areas compared to the other LMGs. One weapon reviewer described it as the M249 SAW, except worse.
      • The QBB-95 in the Back To Karkand pack is garbage. It's pretty much a hybrid LMG and Assault Rifle, except it has the worst of both worlds. It's inaccurate, underpowered and slow to shoot. Its only advantage over other LMGs is its reload time. It was either pre-nerfed to make sure it wasn't a Jack-of-All-Trades, or a generic filler gun for the expansion pack.
      • After the March patch broke the MG36's extended mags, it falls into the same category as the QBB as being a hybrid LMG Assault Rifle with no advantage over any other support weapon, but its reload time which is still pretty long, and with only 50 rounds you'll be reloading a lot.
    • The M1014 shotgun is very inconsistent, sometime killing in one shot from medium range, and sometimes requiring three shots at point blank range. As a result, you'll rarely ever see someone using it. All the other shotguns post-patch are better even with the huge nerfs to some of them.
    • Recon: The SVD is a gun that is abandoned by almost every player the moment they unlock the other Recon weapons, which is after about 5 minutes of play time. The MK11 Mod 0 gets very little love as well, for much of the same reasons. Both these guns are inferior at medium and long range to the bolt action rifles, and at short to medium range they are inferior to the SKS and M39 EMR.
    • The 93R was the worst sidearm in the game before the patch. It is a 3-shot burst fire pistol with several issues: The gun is held by both hands, obscuring your vision when running. It is slow to ready up when pulled as a backup pistol. Its recoil is high and is harder to aim with multi-burst fire. Finally, there is a far better fully automatic pistol in the game, the G18. Additionally, the G18 also has a suppressor version.
      • It was buffed in the March patch to the point that many of the more visible YouTube star players now pick between this and the magnum as their preferred weapon.
    • The Back To Karkand expansion weapons PP-19 and QBZ require completion of in-game assignments, and aren't very powerful and are both outclassed by other weapons that are of a similar style to them. This has lead to them being weapons that are rarely ever seen on the battlefield.
    • Assault: The FAMAS after the March patch. It used to be one of the best weapons of the game, ostensibly balanced by its incredibly slow 4-second reload, but it wasn't enough for people complaining about the gun. When DICE added more recoil to all the guns, the FAMAS suffered the worst of it due to its extremely high fire rate, and the 5-round reduction to its magazine ensured no one would ever use the FAMAS again. With the Close Quarters DLC patch, it had its handling buffed again and is now one of the best guns to use in the new small maps; due to it having the highest rate of fire in the game, it's an effective hipfire cannon with the laser sight and foregrip attachments.
      • The F2000 received a similar nerf but made it just barely usable inside 20 meters or so using the Foregrip/Suppressor combo.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Thankfully averted for the first time in the series. Battlefield 3 allows a player to ignore the revive and 'tap out' to stop the revive.
  • Tainted by the Preview: Leaked details and the trailer showcasing one of the maps for the Close Quarters expansion have been met with much disappointment, with accusations that "DICE is turning BF 3 into Call of Duty!" not far behind.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Many players complained that the Russian announcer does not speak in Russian like the previous games.
    • Jets. Helos. Pretty much everything about these has changed from Battlefield 2, and the 'expert' jet and helo users have kicked up a massive storm about it.
    • Regenerating Health. This can be turned off however, and takes a long time to kick in: twelve seconds of not taking damage and not being suppressed. Either effect will interrupt natural health regen and reset the timer, although the automatic healing from a Medkit dropped by an Assault player is not interrupted.
    • Going from a strict magazine count to One Bullet Clips like every other modern shooter.
    • Going from the full range of 16 player, 32 player and 64 player map layouts from BF 2 to the one-stop shop that is Battlefield 3's maps. Granted, there are 32-player and 64-player-oriented capture point layouts for Conquest for SOME maps, but they still have the same size boundaries, which still faces you with the issue of it either being too cramped or too widely-spaced depending on the map.
  • Tear Jerker: Miller's death.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Sorted by update period.
    • Launch Day / Back to Karkand
      • The FAMAS, pre-patch, was hands down the best rifle for the Assault class in the game. Amazing fire rate, no recoil, and incredibly accurate to boot. This was exacerbated back when Foregrip widely overshadowed Bipod, but the FAMAS has since been nerfed into near uselessness. It now only serves as a hipfire weapon for the smallest maps through the use of Foregrip and Laser Sight.
      • The USAS-12 with Frag rounds has definitely become this before the most recent patch. It basically turns your automatic shotgun into a handheld IFV cannon, with all the power and accuracy of one. If you use this weapon, you are guaranteed to piss a lot of people off. Hell, there are Metro 24/7 servers that ban the RPG, M320, MAV ram kills and the USAS because of overuse for being very easy to spam for kills as opposed to using guns. The Frag rounds have since been nerfed in terms of fire rate and splash damage, but while the point is moot, the scars have been etched into many players' minds, and they will still hate anyone that uses this combination of attachments.
      • The MAV. Normally used for reconnaissance, the days of pre-patch were a time when these little buggers were the ultimate troll weapon. Through careful piloting, it was possible for someone to ram the MAV into a player, killing them on impact, and then continuing to do so until the end of the game. It served as an amazing distraction, frustrating players enough that they would end up going after the MAV instead of the objective. This has since been patched so that the MAV dies when it kills another player.
    • E-Sports / Rent-a-Server Patch
      • The SKS. Before the patch, it was considered terrible in lieu of other sniper rifles. The patch decreased the recoil to the point where there is practically none, and now it's become an alternative to regular assault rifles which have been massively nerfed because of the now-gimped Foregrip, which now only has a use for guns with at least 850-900 RPM or more. You now have a semi-automatic rifle that's super-accurate, and with the Flash Suppressor it easily becomes the most accurate weapon in the game. This was somewhat rectified in Close Quarters, when the range on it was reduced to around Medium. Armored Kill gave it another buff in the form of adding Heavy Barrel as an unlock, which slightly increases its accuracy at long range and undoes the nerf to an extent. Despite this, most people still prefer Flash Suppressor.
      • The M26 Dart Underbarrel Shotgun. Due to a glitch with Heavy Barrel at the time, a gun with the M26 and a Heavy Barrel would fire the M26 dart rounds, but each of the 9 darts would have the power and range of the rifle it was attached to. The result is just outright stupid: you have a shotgun that can effectively snipe people from any distance, so more often than not you would see someone running around with a G3A3 (as that rifle has the longest range with Heavy Barrel) one-shotting people. This glitch has been fixed, but the M26 remains as powerful as an 870, and it still very much hated.
    • Close Quarters
      • The M16A3 was a competent starting gun, but ever since the F2000, AEK-971, and FAMAS were beaten with the nerf bat, the M16 became the gun to use. It has the fastest reload of the assault rifles and a fast 800 RPM firing rate, making it irresistible for tryhard players; getting killed by an M16 with 100 service stars is a common sight. DICE tried to nerf it a bit by adding more horizontal recoil, but this could be easily controlled with practice, not to mention the Foregrip reduced much of the recoil.
      • The introduction of the SPAS-12 to the weapons lineup was eagerly awaited by all...until people started using it over almost every other shotgun. The SPAS is essentially an 870 with higher capacity, less recoil, and a tighter spread which was supposed to balance it with the 870, but just made it more reliable at medium range. What made it so feared? Slug rounds. Slugs make its accuracy near-pinpoint, increase its range even farther, and make it a highly-recommended mid-to-long range one-shot weapon. While it is quite balanced, many players ban the use of this weapon from Team Deathmatch servers.
      • Think people bitch about the SKS too much? Close Quarters proudly introduces the M417, a single-shot variant of the already numerous M4 weapons. The M417 is basically a pre-patch SKS with slightly increased recoil, requiring people to time their shots so it can't be spammed as much. To make up for the recoil, its damage output is much higher than the SKS, which is what makes it so hated. Laugh at the sounds of thrown controllers and angry screams as you kill people from a mile away with 2-4 shots to the body. Alternatively, as the recoil is still relatively low, at close range a good player can use the 20 rounds per mag to kill a dozen players with fast, accurate shooting.
    • Armored Kill
      • The AC-130 Gunship. While it has been balanced in the Aftermath patch, during the Armored Kill period it was nigh-indestructible unless you had a whole squad (sometimes two) using Stingers. What made it so hated was that its spawn time was so quick that once people wasted their ammo on the first one, another one popped up less than a minute later and the whole process starts all over again.
    • By the Aftermath patch, it seems they've finally gotten the balance just right, as there were no weapon changes to be found when End Game was released.
  • Uncanny Valley: A rare audio-example. For someone who speaks Russian, the way Dima and his squadmates talk is just imperfect enough to make it sound very, very weird. The actors seem to speak Russian with a very slight accent, which almost disappears at times, and the translation from English in the script to Russian in the voiceover is just a bit too literal/incorrect. The end result is... quite jarring.
  • What an Idiot: EA had a genius idea and released Star Wars: The Old Republic and Back to Karkand on the same day (December 13th, 2011). Needless to say, the entire Origin system crashed and burned, preventing the vast majority of BF3 players from playing the game. Even the password recovery system broke.

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