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Trivia: Battlefield 3
  • Banned in Iran: As of November 2011, Iran has officially banned the game there. Not only that, but Iranian gamers have made a petition to let EA/DICE apologize over the game's content.
  • Defictionalization: A tiny, out of the way newspaper texture in Strike at Karkand has the header for 4chan's video game board on it, along with "Why haven't you got a girlfriend yet" (a typical /v/ post) underneath. For about a week after this was discovered, /v/ had that exact text on the top of every page.
  • Dueling Games: Explicit setup and marketed by Electronic Arts to take on Call of Duty. The Tag Line for Battlefield 3 is "Above and Beyond the Call".
    • Also, BF3 is an opportunity for EA to tout its new Origin online service, which is a pretty blatant attempt to compete with Valve's Steam service.
    • There are also parallels between Battlelog and Call of Duty Elite. Both are game-centric social networks, with features such as clan organization and stat tracking. There's even Battlefield Premium, which is like Call of Duty Elite Premium.
    • The Close Quarters DLC seems like it is really taking the fight up close to Modern Warfare 3, since the Battlefield series usually focuses on very large maps and long range warfare, as opposed to the Call of Duty series, which focuses on smaller maps. The Close Quarters DLC, as the name suggests, focuses on indoor fights in tightly packed places.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • For the game in general:
      • "Suppressionfield 3" for the outrageous suppression mechanic that turns your aim into crap just because a couple of bullets whizzed by you.
      • "Bluefield 3" for the desaturated blue tint permeating throughout most maps.
      • "Battleduty 3" for the simplified mechanics compared to Battlefield 2.
    • For the various multi-player levels in the game:
      • Nosehair Canals for Noshahr Canals. No-Fun Canals is also appropriate for non-Deathmatch Noshahr Canals.
      • Capsicum Border for Caspian Border.
      • Operation Meatgrinder for Operation Metro.
      • Terrible Highway for Tehran Highway, for being terrible in almost every regard.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Glenn Morshower, who played Aaron Pierce, the presidential bodyguard on 24, is one of the government agents sent to investigate Blackburn's story.
    • Ilia Volok, who played Dr. Viktor Adler and Master Org in Power Rangers Wild Force, is Vladimir Kamarivsky.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Roy Mustang's the voice you hear commanding an Abrams tank column in Iran.
  • What Could Have Been: Very early rumored reports for 3 had 40-on-40 player teams, used the Bad Company engine, actual character customization (like choosing camo patterns and helmet types), and bringing back pilotable large naval vessels (only present in 1942). Some content like unique paint jobs for firearms and new camo suits have been added, though only for Premium members.

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