Trivia: Battlefield 4

  • Ascended Fanon: Several examples from Battlefield Friends.
    • The Megalodon started as a rumour the Noob heard (or maybe started), and is now an Easter Egg in the game.
    • The Colonel has gotten so many knife kills that he eventually unlocks a bipod for it in one episode. For obvious reasons, this used to be impossible. Emphasis on "used to be;" you can now unlock a knife with a bipod by reaching level 100. The knife's description even references the squickiest aspect of the Colonel's obsession:
    Description: Your very own bipod knife (no bucket required).
    • In the Battlefield 4 CTE version of the then-unreleased map "Dragon Valley", C4 Explosives for the Support and Recon Classes have been hilariously re-named "[JEEP STUFF]" and "[POSSIBLY STOLEN JEEP STUFF]" respectively in reference to Season 4 Episode 4.
  • Banned in China: Of course! Electronic Arts saw it coming too.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Detractors often call BF4 Battlefield 3.5, due to its reuse of many assets from Battlefield 3. Another new one after the release of the Beta is MoHCoD:BF4 because of how the game has taken on a lot of aspects from EA's Medal of Honor series as well as the Call of Duty series. The retail game gets called "Crashfield 4" due to the game crashing constantly.
    • The "Second Assault" DLC gets called "Back to Metro," since the most popular map in Battlefield 3, Operation Metro, is the star of the DLC.
    • 'Jihad Jeeps' (small transport vehicles laden with explosives) and the 'WALL-Es' (the EOD Bot) make a return from Battlefield 3.