Trivia / Battlefield 4

  • Ascended Fanon: Several examples from Battlefield Friends.
    • The Megalodon started as a rumour the Noob heard (or maybe started), and is now an Easter Egg in the game.
    • The Colonel has gotten so many knife kills that he eventually unlocks a bipod for it in one episode. For obvious reasons, this used to be impossible. Emphasis on "used to be;" you can now unlock a knife with a bipod by reaching level 100. The knife's description even references the squickiest aspect of the Colonel's obsession:
    Description: Your very own bipod knife (no bucket required).
    • In the Battlefield 4 CTE version of the then-unreleased map "Dragon Valley", C4 Explosives for the Support and Recon Classes have been hilariously re-named "[JEEP STUFF]" and "[POSSIBLY STOLEN JEEP STUFF]" respectively in reference to Season 4 Episode 4.
  • Banned in China: Despite what the logical outcome seems to be and what new sites seem to confirm, the game is not banned in China. Chinese gamers could still purchase and play the game through Origin, with no restrictions whatsoever (though they have to use servers in other countries in Asia because there are no servers on mainland China, the game was not officially released in China probably because EA saw a ban coming). The game's ban was a rumor that originated from an article from a PLA new site that heavily criticized the game, which was picked up by third-grade internet tabloid new sites and heavily exaggerated to the point where they now claim that the game is banned. The false rumor then snowballs from there as all major sites (such as the search engine Baidu) bans the game as a keyword, all the while Chinese gamers continue to play the game without a problem. Thankfully, as of today, the rumor is mostly cleared up and most of the self-applied information ban is lifted.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Detractors often call BF4 Battlefield 3.5, due to its reuse of many assets from Battlefield 3. Another new one after the release of the Beta is MoHCoD:BF4 because of how the game has taken on a lot of aspects from EA's Medal of Honor series as well as the Call of Duty series. The retail game gets called "Crashfield 4" due to the game crashing constantly.
    • The "Second Assault" DLC gets called "Back to Metro," since the most popular map in Battlefield 3, Operation Metro, is the star of the DLC.
    • 'Jihad Jeeps' (small transport vehicles laden with explosives) and the 'WALL-Es' (the EOD Bot) make a return from Battlefield 3.
  • The Other Darrin: Dima's appearance is drastically different in this game. He no longer looks like Oleg Taktarov (his previous VA); he now looks like Patrick Stewart. His new appearance is actually modeled on his new VA, Pasha Lychnikov, with the addition of significant keloid scars on his face from the nuclear blast in Paris from BF 3. In fact, he looks much more like Solomon from the previous game.