YMMV / Air Force Delta

A list of trope examples from the Air Force Delta game series where your mileage may vary. Not everyone can come to consensus on these:

  • Anticlimax Boss: The final mission of the first game is a dogfight against the enemy commander over the ocean. Though he does fly the best plane in the game, his AI isn't especially more intelligent or aggressive, and the area you fight him in is completely featureless, so downing him is rather easy. Made even worse in the New Game+, where you'll eventually accrue enough cash to buy the Harrier jump jet, whose plane can easily outmaneuver the boss and provide you with some laughably optimal time to lock him on with your missiles.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: For all that the original Airforce Delta is an incredibly obvious ripoff of Ace Combat 2, the mission where you shoot down a satellite before it can fall back to Earth and destroy a city is a surprising amount of originality. That Ace Combat returned the favor and ripped off that for the final mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War is the cherry on top.
  • That One Level: Strike contains several:
    • The train Escort Mission, where you have to destroy multiple obstructions along a train's path. Gets scrappy because it is very early in the game and includes chase cars that attack the train from behind after you've decided to push ahead to clear the train's path.
    • Operation Racoon Hunt, which requires you to fly into the eye of several artificial tornadoes to blow up the vortex generators
    • In "The Robbers," you have to destroy several airships that repeatedly dive below the clouds (you can't chase them) and shoot a lot of missiles at you while you can't target them.
    • Operation skyscraper: You have to destroy parts of a rising orbital elevator platform to stop it from escaping, without running into any of the columns, protrusions and other large, solid objects. Sounds rather easy until you realize how difficult it is to stabilize your aircraft when flying vertically.
    • Stampede Campaign 2, where you have to escort a Humongous Mecha that is under constant attack from bombers, fighters, and smaller mechas.
    • Stampede Campaign 3, where you have to fly into underground bunkers and shoot your way out four times.
    • Navarone Campaign 1: Fly through a tight, twisting canyon filled with rock protrusions and giant exhaust fans powerful enough to push your plane sideways. Oh, and you're being chased by two high ranking enemy aces the whole time.
    • Metro: Fly loops through an absurdly spacious subway, destroying various enemy tanks, trains and VTOL aircraft.
    • Navarone Campaign 2: Fly into the barrels of active and shooting guns, avoid the gigantic shells. Of course, thanks to a glitch in the game when using the ML-ASM, you can destroy the railguns without having to go into the weapons themselves.