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Headscratchers: Air Force Delta
To add questions raised by Air Force Delta series games.

Lots of questions regarding the enemy's choice of weapon systems come up throughout all of Air Force Delta Strike.
  • How useful to an overall war effort can the OCC's 100+ meter diameter steamrollers be if the entirety of their Area of Operations is one small, winding canyon—with no large enough way in or out—that can be easily circumnavigated?
  • How useful to an overall war effort can the OCC's 100+ meter diameter wind-generator fans be if their ground stabilizer systems can only be deployed at a cliff's edge? Strike's terrain does feature a lot of canyons, but very few have the mesa-top terrain that is flat enough, just the right distance across and stable enough to support these otherwise useless weapons.
  • How useful to an overall war effort can the OCC's 100+ meter diameter, 5-barrel rail-cannon Leupold Battery be when every gun is built in a completely fixed position, trajectory and direction? Once you have bombarded the one area they can hit, they can't target anything else. Just another one that can be easily avoided.
  • Why didn't the EDAF simply send a small contingent of ground forces in to deal with the Tornado Generators? The tornadoes could only be generated around the top of the generators and would dissipate as soon as the machine was turned off. They could not affect tanks or low-angle artillery firing from a few miles' distance.
    • That's actually explained: The testing ground is far behind enemy lines, at a point where only planes can get to them. Of course, there's probably some ground-based, heliborne force that could have easily dealt with them - the local version of the SAS, Green Berets, Spetznaz, etc - and dealt with the generators that way.
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