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Widget, the World Watcher is a 65-Episode Cartoon. The show originally ran in syndication from September 29, 1990 to December 3, 1991; reruns continued until 1997.

The show focused on Widget, a 4-foot-tall purple alien from the Horsehead Nebula who could shapeshift. He and three young human friends, Brian, Kevin and Kristine, would go through a number of adventures to protect Earth's natural environment. Widget is frequently accompanied by the Mega Brain, an extremely intelligent but somewhat clumsy being who appears as a floating head (with a transparent cranium) and floating hands.

The show was produced by Calico Creations to teach children about the dangers of pollution. In each episode, Widget contended with a villain wishing to exploit Earth's environment or natural resources, like Dr. Dante, Mega Slank and Widget's evil twin, Ratchet the World Trasher. In this respect, Widget, the World Watcher is very similar to Captain Planet and the Planeteers, both heroes attempting to save the Earth from ecological harm.

Not to be confused with Widget Series. Aside from the premise, it's not quite out-there enough to be one.

This show has examples of the following: