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Webcomic: Webcomics United
Webcomics United: It's Awesome
[[quoteright:300:[1]A webcomic featuring webcomic characters living their lives and working, you guessed it, in webcomics, focusing on the life of Zip M. Stiff, a young chibi Filler who has no idea how his work works, despite being one of the best qualified fillers in the whole syndicate. Together with a bunch of friends who are also Fillers and some bureaucrats, they poke fun at Webcomic Tropes and have relatively normal lives in the funniest way possible.

The comic started as a gag-a-day comic without many aspirations, and now has a big underlying plot that spans between other smaller plots. Not to mention the author is quite fond of Foreshadowing and Cliffhangers...

This comic provides examples of the following tropes:

The Way of the MetagamerMeta Webcomics    

alternative title(s): Webcomics United
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