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Webcomic: Castelocked
Castelocked is a Homestuck fanfic by Thunder Reign, written as an Interactive Comic fan adventure on the MSPA Forums. It draws inspiration from Red Dead Virgo (amongst others) and follows a similar theme with a different approach. It updates with new panels every two days. Or, well, it did, before the proliferation of other popular bloodswaps led the creator to abandon the venture.

However, the author started the adventure back up again on the 24th of March 2012. The new thread for the adventure can be found here. The mirrored version of the adventure can also be found here.

It follows the adventures of twelve trolls, all who seem rather familiar. To be more specific: It's an Alternate Universe Fic, a bloodswap where Sollux is now an anonymous-blooded hacker and Tavros is the Emperor-To-Be. The title refers to the overarching theme of the adventure, namely the impact the caste system has on the trolls, and the social isolation produced from that.

This adventure displays the following tropes:

Be the Sea Dweller LowbloodInteractive ComicChiasmata
Cass ToonsFan WebcomicsCharCole
BrainbentFanWorks/HomestuckChoir Of Lunatics

alternative title(s): Castelocked
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