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One of These Bros Is Not Like the Other.
Look at them. They're polar opposites. Chris is tan, brunette, and brown eyed. Martin is white, blond, and blue eyed. There are 3 theories here:

1)They're not really brothers. They're cousins, IF they're even related.

2)They're only partly brothers. One of their parents is different. It's either they have the same mother (half brothers) or same dad (step brothers). Maybe even 3/4 brothers (consult The Other Wiki for more details.)
  • Both brothers refer to the same Mom on a Mother's Day episode, FWIW.
  • "Half brother" would cover both same mother/ different father and same father / different father, BTW. "Stepbrother" would mean they probably weren't genetically related at all; their respective biological parents just became single via death or divorce, then remarried each other.

3)One of them is adopted. Sort of ties into number 1, but to a different degree.

Maybe even a mix of them, maybe one of them is an adopted cousin or something of the sort

Aviva is Allison from Kratts' Creatures.
They look so much alike and do practically the same job. The only difference is that Allison was 15 and we think Aviva's at least 18 (but we don't know this for sure- it's never been directly stated she is, we've all just assumed it).

-They look the same height and weight.

-They have somewhat similar voices.

-They share similar physical features (same skin and hair color).

-They both serve(d) as the researcher and communicator for the Bros.

Although Koki mans the computer, Aviva does most of the talking on it, plus contacting them on their Creature Pods. The main difference between Allison and Aviva (similar names... hmmm...) are their personalities. However, we don't know what Shannon Duff was like outside of being Allison, so that's still up for debate.

However, since the rumor is that Aviva was modeled after someone from Chris' personal life- and we don't know if she was a lover or just a friend- given that Shannon was 15 in Real Life when Chris was 25... (But come on. If that's true, he waited the other 3 years. Chris isn't a scumbag!)

  • This troper thought the same thing, even though he never seen Kratts' Creatures.

Extention of previous
If Aviva is Allison, then Koki could potentially be Ttark, and maybe Jimmy even Zoboomafoo. Koki and Ttark share a lot of qualities as well- Ttark was in the computer, Koki is on it. They're both snarkers Up to 11 as well. Jimmy makes similar, but not the exact same, mistakes Zoboo would make.
  • Jimmy also probably doesn't say a word until he eats.

Gourmand "LIKE" Likes Chris.
Gourmand is always chasing Chris. Gourmand has made remarks about eating Chris, in "Platypus Cafe" and "Raptor Round-Up".
Chris: *in the Peregrine suit* These wings were made for flying!
Gourmand: Frying!
Chris: Flying!
Gourmand: *slowly and insistently* Fryyyiiing...
Gourmand: *chasing Chris in the air* Here, birdy birdy birdy!
"Raptor Round-Up"

Stalkers often kill the ones they love so that no one else can have them...

The time machine mentioned in "Raptor Roundup" is foreshadowing.
  • Confirmed in "Back in Creature Time" 2-parter.

Aviva upgraded the suits' safety features after the events of "Octopus Wildkratticus".
Hence, Necklace the giraffe didn't undergo the same multi-layered transformations when she wound up wearing components of both Power Vests at once.

If and when Jimmy actually puts on a Power Suit, its "signature color" will be red.
Although he only wears red as an accent color, red was the color of the wrapping paper on his present in the Christmas Episode, and Aviva wrapped the other three presents in the signature colors of Chris, Martin, and Koki.