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This film was part of TDI's canon, just a hallucination by Cody.
Self explanatory.

The Whole Film is Acutally Dream from other Total Drama Fanfic Cody that turns himself into Insane splicer
Maybe explain some blizzare scenes are side effects from splicing, like trippy background are from hallucinations from splicing.

Whole thing is intended to parodying both So Bad, It's Good and So Bad, It's Horrible movies
Cody former Girlfriend Gwen was like something hipster like something chessey and bad acting with two people
  • Theory itself is somewhat jossed (details are almost confimed) that it not made from show, They are made by Creator of Fan film with his friend with taking some drug during of film production.

Joshua is acutally Hijotee's presumadly real first name
Maybe explains may OC character had only have name and so as "Hijotee", Joshua is acutally more of Creator's semi-Marty Stu and Relationship Sue with his Cody.
  • Partially jossed—his actual first name is Kevin (he goes by Kevin Ventura on Youtube). Joshua might still be a Self Insert though, especially since Hijotee does indeed appear to have a crush on Cody.