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Unmarked spoilers of the original TLJ ahead!

    The Draic Kin 

They came to Earth to secretly assist its evolution like the Progressors from the Strugatsky Brothers' books.

The Kin are what is known in Stark as "Archangels"
  • Red = Michael
  • Green = Gabriel
  • White = Raphael
  • Blue = Uriel

All Kin are Shifters
Cortez referred to Vestrum Tobias as if knowing him personally, whereas Tobias is obviously non-Shifter and looks like he had a reasonably human lifespan. It would make perfect sense for the protectors of the Twin Worlds to be able to cross the Divide.

If that is true, it may also be that all Shifters are descended from the Kin.

    Lady Alvane 

Lady Alvane is the future self of April
It makes sense because she is pals with Crow and lives between the worlds, which is suggested to be a timeless space (similar to the Venar worldview).
  • Can't be the April Ryan from the first game because that April was Killed Off for Real. Also, one of the creators has stated that the German translation that has Lady Alvane saying she is April Ryan was an incorrect translation. They intended to keep it ambiguous.

Lady Alvane is related to Kian Alvane
Duh, same family name. She is either mother/grandmother/ancestor or the Future!April who married him.
  • Cannot be the April Ryan from the first game that marries him, because that April is dead. It's interesting to note that nobody ever thinks that she could be Kian's daughter.

Lady Alvane is the White Kin
She would want to help her daughter/sister and she knew Crow.

Lady Alvane is Future!Zoe
She is the only other woman whose sidekick Crow was.
  • As good as jossed in DFC Book Four: Abnaxus predicts that at the end of his life, Crow will bond with "the Girl Who Walks Between Worlds", in other words, Saga, April's reincarnation, who is thus more or less confirmed to be the future Lady Alvane. Zoe has an entirely different destiny ahead of her.

    The Balance 

Shifters are inherently disruptive to the Balance
Because they create unregulated traffic between the Twin Worlds. That's why they are so rare: the Twin Worlds kill them off.

Equal portions of tech and magic slipping across the Divide would not disrupt the Balance
This is one way to prepare reunification of the Twin Worlds.

Every thousand years, there is not just one person who could become the Guardian.
Because it would be an incredibly horrible plan if there was no failsafe in the event the unspeakable happened (the Guardian died in a fatal accident beyond their control, contracted a horrible disease and died, etc.). Tobias mentions that the Vanguard was taking children strong in the Balance. If the Guardian Candidate (who is usually the oldest) doesn't make it, it goes to the next one down the line, at least by the Sentinel. Thus, Gordon wasn't originally going to be the final Guardian—it was to be someone else who was likely killed by the Vanguard. Gordon is simply the only one to survive their attempts to create a Guardian who they could control. Cortez assumed that April would be the only one to make it to the Guardian's realm—and/or that Gordon would die. The reason she wasn't embraced as the Guardian was because Gordon was there. If two guardian candidates make it to the Guardian's realm, the oldest one is selected.
  • Further lending support to this theory is that Gordon cannot possibly be 200 years old in TLJ—the amount of "overtime" Adrian spent in the Tower because the Vanguard prevented all potential Guardians before April from entering his Realm. It is thus very likely that at least ten generations of Guardian Candidates followed each other before Adrian finally started weakening and the White Dragon gave birth to April to break the stalemate with the Vanguard.


April is in love with Cortez.
After a conversation with spirits in Banda Spirit Dig, an entry appears in her diary which says, among other things, this:

As for Charlie...does he really LOVE me? I mean, like, love-love me? I had no idea. No, that's a lie. I guess I had some idea, but I didn't really want to deal with it, because I just don't feel that way about him. He's sweet and kind and...I simply have a tendency to fall for the wrong guys, for the wrong reasons. Like now. Like with...oh, no, I'm not even gonna think about THAT.

So who's that wrong guy? Given that she says "now", looks like she knows him ("guy" must mean "male", right?) for a short time and, therefore, the guy must be featured in the game. Of all the male characters, she has the closest relationships with Crow and Cortez. April and Cortez appear to have some spiritual connection (she has dreams that show what happens to him). Note how bad she feels about his death: even in Dreamfall, 10 years after his demise, she still can't bring herself to say that he's dead: she refers to him as "gone". Sure, he was her only guardian and mentor, but isn't it too much of a reaction? Besides, Emma teases April saying that she (April) has romantic feelings for Cortez. Emma is an expert in such things, she would have noted something April herself refuses to acknowledge. And, after all, given that April and Cortez belong to the same species, it's only natural for her to be attracted to him.note  Also, if it's Cortez, April's disapproval of her feelings is understandable, because not only he looks much older than her (and is even older), but everybody knows him as a crazy old man.
  • April is attracted to Cortez because he gave her a sense of purpose. As Dreamfall shows, she isn't really capable of making sound judgement about her goals in life without direction from someone older and wiser. Does that mean she loves him? I don't know but she certainly depended on him a lot—not in any immediate practical way, of course, but as an inspiration, as someone who tells her she is needed.
    • If she is attracted to him, it could be more of an infatuation in the Teacher/Student Romance vein. She might also see him as a replacement father figure, seeing as how her own father was abusive.

Cortes is Don Juan Matus.