WMG / The Crystal Maze

The contestants are all trapped in purgatory
That's why they consistently display Genre Blindness and Too Dumb to Live tendencies - they're dead, which throws off their minds a bit. The capricious, Nintendo Hard nature of the Crystal Dome is the final and worst of their trials - those few teams who succeeded made it to Heaven. (This is also why the children's teams always win the prize - i.e. go to Heaven - even if they fail; Children Are Innocent, after all.)

Richard O'Brien is The Doctor
Let's see: To say nothing of the strange alien theme park setting... (And his regeneration into Ed Tudor-Pole)
  • Actually, it was less of a Regeneration, and more of a Passing Of The Torch - but Pole could had been another Time Lord who took over The Doctor's role in the Maze.