Heartwarming / The Crystal Maze

  • While the infamous five seconds in the dome team didn't do very well, their attitude and behaviour towards the game was heartwarming. A YouTube user claiming to be one of the members of the team commented saying that they all just got along so well before the show, they decided to play it in a No One Gets Left Behind way and just have fun — and it's clear that they did just that, a spirit often lost in modern game shows with huge cash prizes.
  • One of the challenges in the first season involved the contestant finding their way through a mirror maze to a sleeping princess, who would awaken and give them a crystal when they found and kissed her. A contestant in series one took the princess's hand and asked her to leave with him.
  • The second 2017 Christmas special features Scarlett Moffatt, who was a huge fan of the show growing up. She is positively overjoyed to be in the show.
  • One of the contestants has a breakdown/panic attack shortly after starting one of the challenges in the 2016 revivalnote  Richard immediately pulls her out of the room, checks to ensure she's alright, apologises to her and lets one of her team-mates take her place. What's more, rather than having the substitute pick up where she left off, he was allowed to start with the full time limit.