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System Shock and BioShock take place in the same continuity.
  • Fontaine, Ryan, and any other characters that will be in BioShock 2 influenced the creation of SHODAN.
    • With Bioshock Infinite's multiple universe story, this is most likley confirmed.
    • Maybe we can expect a Grand Finale for the entire franchise.
  • Considering BioShock Infinite's ending, this may very well be the case

System Shock and Dead Space take place in the same continuity.
  • As mentioned in the main page, Dead Space is thought to have originally been developed as System Shock 3, so there's lots of similarities. Way farther into the future after System Shock 2, the Marker was created and placed on Tau Ceti to keep The Many contained on the planet, but it was eventually forgotten until the events of Dead Space. In that time The Many had evolved further into the Necromorphs that we all know and fear today.

. It explains why he can interact with objects 13 feet away, can be rebuilt after enduring things no man could survive, does not mutate, can subside only on patches and batteries and you cannot see his legs due to the fact he is hovering (with running actually being propelling himself throught the air).

SHODAN and GLaDOS regularly see each other.
Come on...you know it would be cool.

Those "Ghosts" you saw aboard the Von Braun and other vessels were the result of Shodan messing with your mind
  • It's not too hard to believe since she had someone remove the protagonist's memories.Also,whenever those things finished playing out you were usually attacked,such as when you were in the messroom and that Maintenance Bot shows up.

If System Shock 3 ever gets made, it will be the end of the trilogy and SHODAN will be the player character.
  • There's nowhere else to really go unless they want things to be stupidly repetitive, so, why not?

Delacroix uploaded herself.
There's something a little bit wonky about the eleventh-hour assistance Delacroix gives the player. Given that she died way before SHODAN started making changes to reality, it seems very odd that she'd be able to make such accurate predictions, let alone program in a vulnerability so specific it would manifest as hacking terminals - how did she even know what SHODAN's pocket of protoreality would look like? I strongly suspect that the audio logs you're collecting aren't just Delacroix's final words - I think they're her mind, too.

The Soldier is Bayliss
Or more specifically, the Soldier's body is Bayliss's. Here's the facts
  • Bayliss was the sole member of the Tau Ceti team who seemed unaffected by the Many's ESP. The only other character who exhibits this ability is the Soldier
  • Both Bayliss and the Soldier are pawns of SHODAN's Polito guise
  • Polito has Bayliss delete G65434-2's restoration memory unit, forcing the soldiers memories to be brought from a server. This could actually be cover so that the Soldier doesn't realize he's not in his own body