WMG / Sword of the Stars

Lords of Winter will end in the formation of The Allied Federation of Species
The Suul'ka will force the other species to form The Alliance and they'll politically merge.
  • Alternatively, the Morrigi Federation gets so many immigrants that they become a minority, like the Vedrans in Andromeda. And in the process becomes the galactic superpower.
  • The first expansion will introduce the Federation as a new faction capable of using any FTL drive in the game (except Ripper drive), and they'll be trying to absorb the remaining independent worlds.

The Suul'ka will win
And the expansion will reduce the playable factions to the Suul'ka Empire and La Résistance.

Lords of Winter will have an actual campaign mode
Jossed thus far.

The Liir will commit mass suicide once the Suul'ka have been exterminated
They sterilized gods know how many worlds in their quest for revenge and this is a species who considers anyone willing to take a sapient life to be incurably insane.
  • Their Zuul allies will do the same, while the loyalists will be reduced to a "pest problem".
  • Alternatively, only the Black Swimmers will kill themselves. The rest will join the Federation and live like their primitive ancestors in the oceans of human and Morrigi worlds.

Possible future races
  • Von neumans / AI rebels - No FTL, extremely fast building, carriers can replenish lost destroyers or act as colony ships.
    • Close, the Loa are AIs but they have FTL.
  • Corrupted Liir / Swimmers of the Void / Black Swimmers - Liir who have embraced the Suul'ka path and live in space using similar suits. Emphasis on psionics.
  • Whoever the Peacekeeper is working for.
  • A pirate faction, consisting of renegades from all the factions.

The Suul'Ka made the same deal as the Trolls.
The Liir had attempted a session of Sburb once, but failed. Echidna made them the Bargain. Scratch took charge of the developement of Muur, and set about influencing the scratched versions of these Liir, now elders. They and a number of others took to space and became the Suul'ka, dominating and oppressing their childeren. As we all know, the Liir rose up and slew all but 7 of the Suul'ka. Not incidentally, these seven were members of the original eight that made the bargain with Echidna. The agent of this slaughter? The Black, future Elder of the Black Swimmers and number eight of the original party. He, much like the Sufferer remembered his original life and went up to space to confront his former friends, slaying their acolytes and scattering them to the black wastes of space.

Scratch furfilled his end of the bargain. The Liir were now ready to attempt another session. The ectobiological relatives of the Suul'ka landed in the Worldsea by meteor at some later date.

Scratch gave the Liir 8 pets. He didn't care what they did with them, except that they learned from them.

The Liir/a Liir faction intends to take action to prevent Suul'ka recurrence once the remaining Suul'ka have been destroyed
The Liir abhors the Suul'ka. So long as Liir elders can grow indefinetly up to hitting the square/cube-law problem, new Suul'ka can emerge from the Liir population. So, how to stop it? Well, the problem is that Liir don't die a natural death - and what are Liir masters of if not bio-engineering? If Liir elders can be made to die before they reach the 'can enslave the entire species' point, true Suul'ka would not emerge - so it just had to be made sure that not merely social standards keeps that from happening...
  • The Liir/Zuul alliance has the lowest chance of being able to research Anagathics, but in the 10% of games where they manage to do it the Liir version may simply slow their growth rate since they're already immortal.

Stutterwarp works by folding space
It's the only FTL method with no fictional physics explanation of how it works. Human and Zuul ships travel along gravitational currents through fractures in node-space, Tarka and Hivers use the "Menisceal principle", and Morrigi manipulate Artificial Gravity, but there is no explanation how Liir ships teleport microscopic distances millions of times a second, it's just stated that they need an inertialless drive because of all the water aboard their ships. Now in Lords of Winter it is revealed that the Suul'ka can use psi to fold space and teleport great distances, what if the Liir attempted to duplicate this ability but couldn't find any non-Suul'ka with that sort of power and their machines could only fold space over minute distances.

The next expansion will not introduce a new race
Instead, it will add other new features, perhaps diversifying the current races. The intro will be narrated by a Tarka, Hiver, or Liir - or perhaps more than one.