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Salad Fingers is a woman from an alternate WWI that went nuclear.
This explains her mannerisms, memories, "cross dressing," and location all in one go.

David Firth is Chris Cunningham
...aka the director of Aphex Twin's Windowlicker, Come to Daddy, Monkey Drummer, Rubber Johnny, and Björk's All Is Full Of Love.

They both make bloody frightening works, with funny elements. And Firth made a fan video for Aphex's Milkman. Yeah.

Salad Fingers eating himself at the end of episode 6 is a metaphor for...
Completely losing his mind. By eating himself, he is destroying his last threads of sanity. His 'new self' eats his 'old self' and goes completely insane.

Salad Fingers is based off David Firth's dreams (or nightmares)
Come on, what type of person thinks of a web series like Salad fingers in their waking life. It's the stuff of nightmares! Probably because they were likely based on nightmares. David Firth's twisted, demented psyche conjured up every episode, and David dreamed them. The reason it's so Mind screwy is because they run on dream logic, and are based on those nightmares conjured up by fears, worries, and pure horror.

When Salad Fingers seemed to be consuming himself in Episode 5, he was really consuming the little puppet, and remembering consuming one of his platoon members, who look like he does.
That's why he likes to taste the little puppets, to remind him of the comrades he's eaten.

Salad Fingers is a Hive Mind.
After the Great War, Salad Fingers's platoon developed a hive mind, and became a roving pack of cannibals after the war ended. Whenever food is scarce, they pick one of their own and eat it. Then, Salad Fingers replaces the dead comrade with a puppet, so it's like the fellow cannibal never died. That's why Salad Fingers is shown eating himself in episode 5: because from the perspective of the hive mind, that's exactly what's happening. This also explains why five different sorts of hairs can exist in one house that clearly only has one mind inhabiting it: that one mind has many bodies.

There Was a Nuclear War
This would be "The Great War" he keeps referring to. All the bizarre beings (including salad fingers) are mutants who survived the atomic holocaust, and the whole thing drove him mad.
  • But,wait! It gets worse!

The Great War is the same one in the fallout universe,and it is set in a particularly Bombed area of The United States. The girl that you saw during the picnic episode? She was from Shady Sands,and was looking for some help,because she got kidnapped by raiders but managed to escape and ran off,leading her to this hellhole!

But,wait! If this is set in the fallout universe,where is all the Raiders,or the brotherhood?

Seriously? Who would want to go to the place where Salad Fingers lived? Anyway,the brotherhood only come when there is tech,and the only technology I saw in the series was that bloody radio,and that probably didn't even work in the first place! The raiders also come when there is stuff to pil— HEY! Wait! Maybe they did come! Maybe Salad Fingers was an odd ghoul living there,with the long fingers and all,and went totally insane when he saw the raiders destroying everything he knew! Maybe he had friends! Those were the sock puppets! Maybe it's set just after the war,since he says to a sock puppet that he didn't see him,since the person who the puppet was based on was a soldier in the great war...

Hey,wait. That doesn't make sense. The Great War was nuclear warfare,so...HOW CAN YOU GO TO A NUCLEAR WAR?

Maybe Salad Fingers meant the resource wars,not the great war. That was probably the nickname for the resource wars.
  • ...dude, stop watching Salad Fingers. It's messing you up.
    • OK. XKCD should help...Maybe...Oh god.... SALAD FINGERS IS HORRIBLE!
  • ...Firth might actually be hinting at this one—At one point, Salad Fingers is shown singing "We'll Meet Again," which is best known as part of the score from "Dr. Strangelove."
    • This troper is not opposed to the show taking place in the Fallout universe, but the character of Salad Fingers is clearly English.
      • He can be English American.
        • The Fallout games only show what happened to America... THIS is what happened to Europe!
          • Word of God does say that Europe got it worse than America.

Not only was there a nuclear war, Salad Fingers is a Distant Finale for Threads.

Decades after Northern England is destroyed and civilization dies out, only a handful of children born after the war have survived, and despite being severely mutated by the radiation and driven insane by the loneliness and desolation of the wasteland that used to be Sheffield, are managing to eke out a very meager living.

Think about it. They both apparently take place Oop North, the burnt hellscape Salad Fingers lives in looks suspiciously like the one that was left after Sheffield was destroyed (complete with medieval-style hovels and scattered remnants of the world that was), and Salad Fingers, like the characters in Threads, seems to survive off of wild animals and expired canned foods left over from before the war.

  • Nah. Salad Fingers still speaks idiomatic contemporary English, albeit with a northern accent, whereas the first generation raised (let alone born) after the war in Threads spoke in ungrammatical phrases which largely seemed to be local dialect nouns. Plus Salad Fingers himself has ideas about needing to go off to the war, suggesting that he's from the generation which suffered the attack.
    • Maybe it's not that distant of a finale, then. It could take place around the same time as the movie - or shortly afterwards - in a more rural part of England. If he's from the generation that suffered the attack instead of the one born after it, then his still managing to speak coherently (sort of) would make more sense. The Mind Screw (mutated creatures, Companion Cubes coming to life, etc.) could all be his hallucinations.note 
    • Jossed, probably. In episode 10, we meet his former battalion, who are all at zombie-level intelligence.

Salad Fingers is Murdoc Niccals' mother.

They both live in an isolated shack in the middle of a desolate wasteland. The "cat" was probably just some corpse that Salad Fingers picked up one day and decided to try and feed it.

Salad Fingers is a Shell-Shocked Veteran.
He fought alongside his brother in The Great War and is scarred as a result. He is repressing the experience, as shown in the episode where he takes his brother's corpse out to dinner, and his escape from reality (seeking refuge in the middle of nowhere) has made this worse, to the point where all he has to comfort him is inanimate objects, thus his obsession with them. His finger puppets are the closest thing he has to company, and thus, he imagines them as such. While he lives a relatively happy life in complete and total denial, occasionally, his guilt in fighting the war manifests itself in this world of his creation taking such forms as the radio which torments him and the scene in which he eats his fingerpuppet-turned-human-turned-clone's brain. The ending of "Picnic" shows what happens when these things are gone—the veil is completely lifted and cold hard reality strikes him hard in the face...
  • It's worth noting that Salad Fingers said Jeremy Fisher fought the Great War with him.
  • When Salad Fingers digs up Kenneth's corpse, he states something along the lines of "It was frightfully rude of you blokes to leave for the war without me.", implying that he didn't fight in the war.
    • Or maybe his brother got drafted first?

Salad Fingers was a Historian with a Specialty in World War I Who went Mad After a Nuclear War
Alternatively, a guy who was just a Great War buff. But really, think about it! The man lives through a nuclear war, loses most everything, and gets hideously mutated. His madness drives him into delusions of being a part of his favorite point in history to study, Great War Britain. That would explain all the references to such! GENIUS!

Salad Fingers is a Time Lord
Think about it: a Time Lord gets stranded on a planet, he regenerates, but something goes horribly wrong. He goes mad and becomes delusional. The safety cupboard in the eighth episode was a TARDIS that no longer functioned.
  • And this explains the whole "Eating his own corpse" thing at the end of ep 5. Although in Salad Fingers context, he probably ate his past self.

Salad Fingers is raped at the end of episode 4.
A lot of things in Salad Finger's world are clearly just his delusions—the talking finger-puppes, the radio that functions without any machinery inside—and those delusions are his way of coping with the post-apocolyptic hellscape he is living in. The most impossible thing to ever happen on the show was when the "little boy" had him in that cage, so Salad Fingers just pulled down a curtain, then flew away on a giant tap. His escape was just a delusion he convinced himself of to avoid aknowledging that he was being raped.

The finger puppets, and the radio represent Salad Fingers' friends and family from before the Great War.
They all died in whatever catastrophe blew his homeland into a dusty waste. He has post-traumatic stress disorder, and copes by pretending the inanimate objects in his house are his old loved ones. The hair in episode 8 belonged to them.
  • And the "Safety Cupboard" could be where he hid when the disaster happened.

The man in the BBQ apron has similar delusions.
His child died in The End of the World as We Know It, and he has convinced himself that the kid is in the baby carriage. That's why he gets so mad when Salad Fingers takes it away.

Salad Fingers is somehow related to the Slender Man
  • It could all take place in the distant past, and by now he could have mutated further into what we now know as the Slender man. He even has the finger thingies.
    • The Gentlemen could be the intermediate stage. Salad Fingers seems to have plant-like characteristics, so perhaps his shade turns paler, eventually white as he ages. Slender Man could be a Gentleman who Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence after consuming enough hearts.
Salad Fingers takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Salad Finger's planet was tainted by Chaos, which would explain the various mutations he and the other people we see have. The Great War was the war fought when the Imperium of Man tried to retake the planet, while the "ghastly trenches" Salad Fingers mentioned once refers to the trench warfare that occured when the Death Korps of Krieg was called in to fight. Eventually, the Imperial authorities in the sector decided "screw this", and simply performed Exterminatus on the planet. For some reason though, Salad Fingers and a select others survived, possibly because they were in underground bunkers at the time.

Everything that is happening in the salad fingers world happens perfectly normally
Its just not Earth/This Dimension/This Universe. Salad Fingers is actually perfectly sane in this context

Salad Fingers's home was bombed out while he was in the safety cupboard
...Or at least, somewhere very close by was bombed out, probably taking family/friends along with any semblance of civilization. It would explain the fact that, every time Salad Fingers is in said cupboard, he ends up in intense emotional distress for no apparent reason.

Salad Fingers actually had a sister named Bourdoise, who died in the fallout.
He pretends that the termite (or whatever the actual hell it is) is Bourdoise to cope with losing a family member, as with the rest of his Companion Cubes. This also might be the reason for his random cross-dressing in "Friends"; perhaps he had a sister who was going to get married, but some catastrophe happened and presumably killed her off before it could go through. He fantasizes about the "big day" that never happened by dressing himself up in a wedding dress, and since there would be a family resemblance, he can use his own reflection as a substitute for his late (or missing) sister.

Salad Fingers is Drusilla.
Mutated by the nuclear holocaust, but of course not dead. Just think about it. They're basically the same character.

Salad Fingers is a survivor of a Zombie Apocalypse.
The virus or whatever caused his green skin, rotting teeth and emaciation (and the wierd, prog-like fingers, think the headcrab zombies in Half-Life). Naturally it affects the nervous system, leading to his wierd, awkward gait and bizarre delusions. Plus he totally eats the brains of his doppelganger at the end of that one episode. I think.

Salad Fingers takes place in an Alternate history of WWI
One in which the Triple Alliance pushed the Entente off of Europe and shelled England with millions upon millions of shells of various forms of gas and conventional artillery, leaving it a desolate, sparsely populated wasteland.
  • Salad Fingers himself was a mentally ill man before the war, the gassing of England and the isolation only drove him over the edge
  • The body in the backyard really is his brother Kenneth, he likely deserted and returned home to die after being gassed or badly wounded. The reason his corpse is just a torso and head? Salad Fingers ate bits of him to fend off starvation
  • Salad Fingers was gassed just enough to ruin his lungs. His hallucinations are likely a way of warding off the pain of his lungs filling with fluid.
  • The only survivors are children and others too handicapped to fight the war. The reason? England began to draft anyone and everyone who could hold a weapon in desperation, leaving, as noted, children (The two Salad Fingers encounters), the deformed (the stalker) and those that have extreme forms of mental illness (The "young boy" and "Aunt" Salad Fingers visits in the first and latest episode)
  • The reason Salad Fingers had a complete freak out when the little girl spoke? Up until then, Salad Fingers had been imagining himself to be living in a fantasy based on happier memories when the Great War first started or was going well. With the little girl being the first human contact he's likely had in years, it forced him out of his fantasy and made him face reality, as noted in another entry on this very page.
  • Maybe this takes place in an alternate version of the Leviathan universe, and the Clankers won out over the Darwinists at the expense of Earth's environment (which was ravaged by the hyper-increased CO 2 emissions caused by the war)?

Salad Fingers is a survivor of the First Alien War.
Unfit for slavery like many of the other survivors, Salad Fingers is horribly mutated by the alien's weapons. His/Her brother was probably an X-COM soldier. The skeleton he dug up was probably just a neighbour.

The girl in episode 5 is just another level of delusion
Think about it; yeah she's the first person that speaks in anything but various lengths of loud, staticy screaming. However, she knows his name despite apparently just now meeting him; okay perhaps she knew him before he was delusional, or it's the old "Oh that's just mister salad fingers, don't play with him children". But then he freaks out when he understands her speech, and she starts smiling, slowly tilting her head, and asks him "What's wrong Mister Salad Fingers? Don't you like my mouth words?" Nobody talks that way, ever. Except... SF himself. He wasn't being confronted with reality, he was being confronted with a whole new flavor of crazy, one he simply wasn't used to.

The whole thing never happened
Mr. Salad Fingers is in a psychosomatic coma in an insane asylum, or living in a real post-apocalyptic world where his deformities and the creatures he meets are hallucinations, or he is dead and in his own personal hell - either way, he's trippin' balls.
  • Psychosomatic? Dude, I don't think your brain can just fake a coma. It can fake pains and twitches and smells and stuff, but coma?

Salad Fingers is an alternate version of Lennie from Of Mice and Men
The both enjoy feeling things, and they're both rather tall. In this universe Lennie didn't have George or his Aunt Clara to keep him in check, so he was left alone with his own thoughts. We've seen in the book that he hallucinates when he's alone, so becoming a lonely delusional madman isn't too far off.

Salad Fingers takes place in the aftermath of Threads
Which explains the post-apocalyptic Oop North vibe Salad Fingers has. Either he was a survivor that went insane in the aftermath of nuclear winter, or he is a brain-damaged mutant that was born in the immediate aftermath of the nuking of England.

Salad Fingers takes place inside the Instrumentality

Salad Fingers, Adventure Time, and Charlie the Unicorn all take place in the same universe
Yes, I know that they are very different in tone, and are made by different people, but this could work. Think about it. Considering the possibility that the "Great War" ended with a nuclear holocaust, and was not WW1, then it could be in line with Adventure Time's "Mushroom War." If the land of Ooo from Adventure Time is a very warped future version of this world (complete with mutated people and animals), then think of it like this. Salad fingers is in England, a few years after the apocalypse. Adventure Time takes place in America, about a thousand years after the apocalypse. The reason why Salad Fingers is so much bleaker is because America of Adventure Time has had much longer to adapt to the world After the End.

In addition, the Ice King's back-story about about the crown could very well be an allegory about his developing psychological problems that are similar to those of Salad Fingers. This would only be in part, though, since his ice powers are obviously real. In this case, the ice crown could also be a subtle way of explaining that he went through the effects of radioactive mutation. The ice powers just come from the fact that it's a fantasy series.

As I mentioned before, many of the residents are probably the ancestors of those who survived the cataclysm. Note that a lot of the characters of Salad Fingers look like horribly dilapidated humans. Now, it's somewhat logical to assume that some of these effects were passed down to the next generation (under the assumptions that (a) the DNA was somehow affected, and/or (b) the toxic radiation was still present by the time that the children were born). If this was the case, then the species would adapt some of these traits after a while. And, centuries down the road, a few of these features would become a little less horrific and a bit more natural (with "natural" being used in the weirdest sense possible). This explains things like stretchable dogs and unicorns, fire people, and a bunch of other things. The talking animals are result of a combination of this, their species beginning the long process of evolution, the inherent fantasy elements, and the fact that animals would have escaped zoos and wildlife preserves after the apocalypse, thereby migrating and crossbreeding with similar animals when compatible. The races that can't be explained by this come from other sources. Weird creatures, such as giants or witches, are mutated forms of several alien races. Either that, or they are legitimate fantasy creatures who came out of hiding when humans began to accept mutated animals and aliens. Also, the Lumpy Space people are canonically interdimentional, so that could also apply to other races. The candy people are the result of advances in science and candy-making technology (along with radiation poisoning, again).

Now to explain Charlie the Unicorn: It takes place during the same time period as Adventure Time, or perhaps a little before, but in another part of America. The odd nature of the creatures, along with the deranged habits of many of them, can be rationalized using the same reasoning that I used for the citizens in Adventure Time.

Salad Fingers is the Ruler of the Universe.
Think about it. Both Salad Fingers and the Ruler of the Universe (from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe) live mostly alone, are unaware of everything outside their personal universe, are constantly amazed by the world around them (SF, admittedly somewhat less so), and are both completely unqualified to run for President. Sound similar, don't they? That's because they're ONE AND THE SAME!

Salad Fingers is a scarred war veteran living in our world and hallucinating.
He isn't living in a burnt-out wasteland. He's just a normal guy who is so screwed up in the head that he perceives himself as a ghastly green mutant and others as monstrosities. All of his "experiences" are just how he imagines them. The little boy who comes to Salad Fingers's house in episode 2 is a child going door to door for a school fundraiser and gets stuck in the house with Salad Fingers until he passes out and the child manages to leave. Milton Cubicle is a man whose baby Salad Fingers walked off with and chased him down to get the baby back. The little boy who puts Salad Fingers in a cage is a policeman arresting him and putting him in jail for the night. The little girl who talks is a girl who tries to be nice to deluded old Salad Fingers, only to lead to him breaking down further. Other Salad Fingerses are old platoon members who try to visit him. The tree who screams and calls him Daddy is one of his children, desperately trying to get him to remember his own child. Things of that nature.

Salad Fingers killed his whole family.
Don't give me credit for this. I heard it somewhere else. He's so insane he convinced himself they all died in a war. He digs up his brother's body out of guilt.
There is no way to explain what is happening in the show
It's just too complicated for human minds.

The series takes places in the Dust Bowl.

Salad Fingers is more than just insane.
There is more to mental illness than just saying "insane." The various delusions imply some form of schizophrenia. He may have some form of multiple personality disorder, hence why he has a tendency to flip personalities and forget what he's doing very quickly. There is also evidence that he may be trans, due to the whole "birth" thing and the various instances of him wearing or referencing owning women's clothing. Any references to when the series takes place implies that it is somewhere between WWI and WWII, before The Great War became World War I. Knowing how mental illness and queer people of any sort were treated back then, no wonder he snapped.