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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
PaRappa the Rapper
Since the beginning of the music game genre, there has been one question that has boggled man's mind: WHAT THE HELL'S UNDER PARAPPA'S HAT?

The bipedal rapping dog has never taken off his hat at any point of the game, or possibly his life.

The issue of what PaRappa looks like underneath his beanie is such a video-game-character-related issue, that the upper half this WMG has been dedicated to finding an answer.

PaRappa's Hat Theories:

  • PRHT 1: PaRappa's bald.
  • PRHT 2: PaRappa has red hair.
  • PRHT 3: PaRappa doesn't have a scalp. His hat is the only thing encasing his brain.
  • PRHT 4: PaRappa's a robot, and the hat hides his cranial circuitry.
  • PRHT 5: PaRappa's head is shaped exactly like his hat.
  • PRHT 6: Ed, Edd, and Eddy's universe is contained under his hat. His universe is contained under Double D's.
  • PRHT 7: PaRappa's hat is the one thing that lets him literally have a grip on his sanity.
  • PRHT 8: PaRappa's hat is part of his head.
  • PRHT 9: PaRappa keeps drugs in his hat (which would explain a lot.)
    • PRHT 9.1: He gives those drugs to the makers of the games. Talk about For the Lulz.
  • PRHT 10: PaRappa's brain is stored in his hat.
  • PRHT 11: PaRappa is his hat. Everything else is just a meat puppet.
  • PRHT 12: PaRappa's hat is what grants him his anthropomorphism. If he goes too long without it, he degenerates down the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism until he becomes your average non-sentient, four-legged dog.
  • PRHT 13: PaRappa hides a Third Eye under his hat.
  • PRHT 14: PaRappa's soul is stored in his hat.
  • PRHT 15: PaRappa has an Embarrassing Tattoo on his head.
  • PRHT 16: PaRappa has a comically oversized afro crammed under his hat. Especially considering Stage 5 of Pa Rappa the Rapper 2.
    Hairdresser Octopus: "Hey, take that stupid hat off. What does it look like in there?"
    PaRappa: "Aaa, I'm not sure myself."
  • PRHT 17: The Bermuda Triangle leads to the inside of PaRappa's hat.
  • PRHT 18: PaRappa has a Reverse Brain Slug under his hat.

Now for other theories about the PaRappa Universe

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