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Why the Ouendan don't do anything
The title characters just do their little routine instead of helping the target do what they're doing. The explanation is that they're on shifted dimensions or something like that. So, why are they on shifted dimensions? Because they're Reapers or Angels. Their mission isn't to help these people— it's to increase their Vibe.

This also explains why the final mission never features new characters. Only the people they've already "helped" have a high enough Vibe to see the Ouendan, much less fire a music lazer.

Ippongi Ryuta is Sol Badguy

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Relatively simple - after cheering for a while, he finally graduates highschool and goes into the fields of biochemistry and biotechnology. BAM! He invents Gears, goes from bad ass to badass bookworm with a sword, and uses Sol Badguy as an alias.

  • Wait... Isn't there at least a 6 year time gap between Ouendan 1 and 2?

  • Impossible! Sol Badguy isn't Japanese (full-blooded Japanese people are exceedingly rare in Guilty Gear) while the Ouendan and most of the characters in the games are starkly and unmistakably so. Also, his real name is Frederick, not Ippongi. And the Ouendan aren't actually in high school, they just put on the uniforms for make-believe time. And That Man created the Gears, poor Fred was just a scientist on the project. That, and a guinea pig.

Shinta Kikuchi is the relative/genderbent alternate universe equivalent of Makoto Kikuchi.

Think about it. Both are quite androgynous, and have careers in dance. They're also part of the Shipping Wars within their own universes, and can be quite brash. It's just that Makoto decided to actively pursue her career to change her image, while Shinta just had his job semi-thrust onto him, but just had the extra motivation to join.

The entire scenario for "Taiyou ga Moete iru" is Ichiro Tamura's drunken hallucination.

If you notice, when Ichiro grows super-huge and becomes Ichiro-MAN, he dons a Necktie Headband; this is typically a key feature of the "Drunken Salaryman" stereotype. Now remember what his day-to-day life is like, and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that he went a little overboard while drowning out his sorrows, and the scenario you play out is all a booze-induced hallucination that's feeding on his desire to be more respected by his family.
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