Heartwarming / Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

  • "Over The Distance" from the first game. A Breather Episode of sorts, the story details Tetsu Ishida, a young man desperately trying not to pass through the gates of Heaven. We learn that he died in a motorcycle accident, and that he had a fight with his wife, Ryoko, just before he died. He wants to go back so that he can tell her he loves her one more time before he passes on. One of the angels (or possibly a goddess), sympathising, gives him three hours to go back and make his peace with his wife. The song itself (Hitomi Yaida's eponymous song) is a soft, beautiful ballad, far unlike every other song in the game, and what makes it even better is the game averts Mood Whiplash - the Ouendan are completely silent (there's no "Osu!" in between segments and no "San, nii, ichi, sure!" at the start of the song), the sounds of the beats are melodic rather than loud drum beats and whistles, and instead of the usual scream of "OUENDAAAAAAAN!", Ishida simply gives a quiet, heartfelt "Ouendan...". The whole thing ends with Tetsu's ghost appearing in Ryoko's mirror (after he spent the rest of the song poltergeisting to communicate with her), speaking the words "I L-O-V-E Y-O-U" (the kana are spaced out in the Japanese writing, i.e. a-i-shi-te-ru). His wife tearfully replies "You came back just to tell me that...?" as the two embrace. The fact that the level isn't too frustrating, despite being rather late in the game, helps a lot with the emotional factor.