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I don't think The Dream should be qualified in the first place
The same issue plaguing Marino High Glee Club that headlines two pop sensation, Liv being a professional actress and singer should have caused The Dream being disqualified from the battle of bands. Having The Dream, or I'd rather call it "Liv Rooney and the Dream", in the battle of bands is unfair to other contestants, since it is the only band that includes a professional performer, let alone a headlining pop star on the level of Glee cast members.
Liv and Maddie are actually one girl with a serious Split Personality issue.
We're watching the show from Liv or Maddie's perspective, depending on which girl is real. Either way, she believes her alternate personality is a real person. The other people on the show just play along and pretend Liv/Maddie has a twin sister.
  • Explain their different birthdays.
    • The labor process carried over from one day to the next.
Liv is short for Olivia
  • This is accepted in Fanon. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that it can become Ascended Fanon soon.
    • It is half confirmed since it appeared in the game related to Word of God.
    • Confirmed firmly in Flashback-a-Rooney as names Olivia Rooney and Madison Rooney are spoken out aloud.
      • This also put Liv in The Danza territory - the full name of the actress is Dove Olivia Cameron.
Miley Stewart once made herself acquainted to Maddie and thought Liv was an alter ego created by Maddie for similar reasons Miley created Hannah
This series takes place at the same universe of Mighty Med
In one episode, Joey and one of his friends hide a statue at home and his parents miss it because they decide to look at their cell phone instead of the sky to check the weather. At the first episode of Mighty Med, Dr. Diaz tells Gaz and Oliver that hiding the existence of superheroes from normos is easy nowadays because normos keep looking at their phones.
The real reason for Diggie's actions in Flugelball-A-Rooney
When Maddie asks Diggie what he missed about Stevens Point, conspicuously absent from his response was his family. Perhaps the reason he was such a jerk to Maddie and so eager to go abroad again almost immediately, to the point that he broke up with her was that he's having some sort of issues with someone in his family.
  • Possibly confirmed in "Frame-A-Rooney". Artie is confirmed to be his brother, and Diggie seems a bit weirded out by him.
Garrison (from Voltage) is secretly an alien
. Specifically an advance scout for the ones that gave Liv's character her powers. He got too close and fell in love though ...
Some of the shows within the show will become real
  • Highly unlikely, but many fans of the series have said they would watch "Sing It Loud!," "Space Werewolves," "Voltage," and other fake shows and movies from the series if they were real.