Headscratchers: Liv and Maddie

  • So why bother with Acting for Two? I'd have written Maddie out entirely and had Joey as Liv's foil.
    • 1. So they could do the whole Tomboy and Girly Girl thing.
    • 2. Some of the plots (such as the first episode) rely on them being identical.
    • 3. So they could play with the different personalities of a nerdy teenage boy and an athletic tomboy girl.
    • 4. So they don't end up in a Relationship Writing Fumble and have Liv and Joey end up like Justin and Alex.
      • Having a boy/girl team is already prominent in Austin & Ally and Dog With A Blog, to an extent.
      • Sadly, point 4 is moot thanks to the Halloween Episode. Yeah, ew.
      • I think that is intentional - have Joey grind his skills against a diva so he can be more likely to success with other girls. Real divas tend to be Alpha Bitch and hard to control so Liv volunteered.
    • 5. The show was originally intended to be a rip-off of The Brady Bunch called Bits and Pieces. Disney realized they already did that with Life With Derek and decided to make a rip-off of The Patty Duke Show instead.
      • Actually, it wasn't Disney that did Life With Derek. They simply imported it from Canada.
    • 6. They probably want to make a big twist that they aren't twins and it's just one girl with a Split Personality.
      • that's way to cynical for Disney. Plus, that brings up alot of questions about everything that has ever happened on the show.
  • In Skate-a-rooney, Liv is a celebrity judge in the skateboarding competition and her boyfriend is competing in it. The people who chose her never thought this might make her biased?
    • They probably didn't care since it didn't bother them that their celebrity judge didn't know enough about skateboarding to be accepted as a judge without the celebrity status.
Where are the paparazzi and mobs after the first episode?
This contrasts with Hannah Montana who gets mobbed as soon as she show up. Given how successful Sing it Loud! is, it should have propelled Liv into Idol Singer status, and give her a similar following of fans as Hannah or Glee cast members had.
  • This is her home town though, where most people probably knew her before she went to Hollywood, so they aren't that starstruck by her as people were by Hannah. She had to have made visits back home every once in a while, too.
  • Liv is 15 when the show ends, probably still a B-lister at most based on youth alone. If Stevens Point is far enough from Chicago (let alone New York or LA) that it's simply too much travel time for not valuable enough a picture, they'll leave her alone. Most paparrazzi work on spec and cluster in celeb-rich environments.
In Switch-a-Rooney the plans should not backfire, given their previous experience in pulling off those
Liv should be aware of Maddie's eye condition. To pull that trick off flawlessly she just need a pair of glasses that looks identical to Maddie's but without vision-correcting lens (i.e. the lens are simple flat panes of glass), and get Maddie contacts. She should also be able to give Maddie acting lessons so that she can pull off a convincing Liv vibe and her own proficiency in acting should allow herself to pull off a convincing Maddie feeling, especially when facing the driving tester and Artie the fanboy who is not exactly familiar with them. (This is a confirmed myth in this situation by MythBusters)
Maddie is on her way to be chickified into Liv with straight hair.
  • Following Lilly's steps.
How the heck does Artie get away with so openly bullying Joey? Especially since Joey's the coach and the guidance counselor's kid?