YMMV: Liv and Maddie


  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Stains
  • Expy: I have a feeling that Parker and Evan are expies of Flynn and Henry.
    • Liv and Maddie have a bit in common with Patty and Cathy. Dove even Lampshades this in a interview. (And guess who plays twins in "Grandma-A-Rooney"? Besides Dove Cameron, that is.)
    • Linda and Heather (a show that exists within the universe that's only ever heard, particularly the theme song) appears to be an in-universe expy for Liv & Maddie itself. Doubles as an In-Joke or Shout-Out likely to the male Periphery Demographic that exists for this show (as it was introduced for a plot point revolving around Parker being a fan of the show).
      • Certainly a Shout-Out, given that two of the show's writers are the team of Linda Mathious and Heather McGillvray.
  • Ho Yay: Joey seems to have a crush on Diggie any time the two are on screen together. At times he seems to enjoy his company, even more than Maddie does (Diggie's girlfriend).
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Special mention goes to the episode Rate-a-Rooney. This episode addressed a rather important issue about girls and their self-image.
  • Squick: Joey unintentionally hits on Liv ("Kang-A-Rooney") in season 1 and Karen ("Pottery-A-Rooney" and "Kathy Kan-A-Rooney" - yes, twice) in season 2. The guy has the worst luck.


  • Anchored Ship: Liv/Holden. They have feelings for each other from the first day Holden moved to the neighborhood but Andie, being as smitten to him as Liv, asked Holden out first. Now Liv, being a caring friend of Andie, have to suppress her feelings, first due to Andie and Holden dating, then due to Andie was hurt when the pair is forced to break up on live TV.
  • Ship Sinking: both Miggie (Maddie/Diggie) and Handie (Holden/Andie).
    • Diggie was a Jerkass after he came back from his semester as an exchange student, prompting a break from Maddie.
    • Holden was asked out by a smitten Andie to the prom before he or Liv can take action, despite their feelings to each other. Holden refrained from disclosing his true feelings to Andie in order not to hurt Andie, until Nimbus being a Jerkass forced Holden to do so on live TV, smashing Andie's heart into million pieces.