[[WMG: Why turned Linda and Heather out so weird?]]
* Why was Linda and Heather made into a freaky space show?! The comments dropped about that show before made it seem like a normal yet girly sitcom about relationship troubles which was the reason Parker was ashamed to watch it. Also the theme song doesn't fit into a space show. Maybe RuleOfCool ?

[[WMG: [[AmbiguouslyBrown Why does Parker look so asian?]]]]
* The real life explanation is that Tenzing Norgay Trainor (his actor) is half-Nepali. It seems this was ColorblindCasting. In-Universe? Maybe Mrs. Rooney had an affair and he's the result (and everyone is too dumb to notice).
* It's entirely possible that either parent has asian ancestry and Parker just happened to look like them. Another possibility is that Parker is adopted(Notably, when Karen says that the day Liv and Maddie were born was her happiest, only Joey seemed offended at that)

[[WMG: Acting for two?!]]
* So why bother with ActingForTwo? I'd have written Maddie out entirely and had Joey as Liv's foil.
** 1. So they could do the whole TomboyAndGirlyGirl thing.
** 2. Some of the plots (such as the first episode) rely on them being identical.
** 3. So they could play with the different personalities of a nerdy teenage boy and an athletic tomboy girl.
*** This sounds like a GenderFlip of ''Series/AustinAndAlly''.
** 4. So they don't end up in a RelationshipWritingFumble and have Liv and Joey end up like [[Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace Justin and Alex]].
*** Having a boy/girl team is already prominent in ''Series/AustinAndAlly'' and ''Series/DogWithABlog'', to an extent.
*** Sadly, point 4 is moot thanks to the HalloweenEpisode. Yeah, ew.
*** I think that is intentional - have Joey grind his skills against a diva so he can be more likely to success with other girls. Real divas tend to be AlphaBitch and hard to control so Liv volunteered.
** 5. The show was originally intended to be a rip-off of ''Series/TheBradyBunch'' called ''Bits and Pieces.'' Disney realized they already did that with LifeWithDerek and decided to make a rip-off of ''Series/ThePattyDukeShow'' instead.
*** Actually, it wasn't Disney that did Life With Derek. They simply imported it from Canada.
*** Which is probably why they forgot they'd aired it.
** 6. They probably want to make a big twist that they aren't twins and it's just one girl with a SplitPersonality.
*** that's way to cynical for Disney. Plus, that brings up alot of questions about everything that has ever happened on the show.
* In Skate-a-rooney, Liv is a celebrity judge in the skateboarding competition and her boyfriend is competing in it. The people who chose her never thought this might make her biased?
** They probably didn't care since it didn't bother them that their celebrity judge didn't know enough about skateboarding to be accepted as a judge without the celebrity status.
[[WMG:Where are the paparazzi and mobs after the first episode?]]
This contrasts with Series/HannahMontana who gets mobbed as soon as she show up. Given how successful ''Sing it Loud!'' is, it should have propelled Liv into IdolSinger status, and give her a similar following of fans as Hannah or ''Series/{{Glee}}'' cast members had.
* This is her home town though, where most people probably knew her before she went to Hollywood, so they aren't that starstruck by her as people were by Hannah. She had to have made visits back home every once in a while, too.
* Liv is 15 when the show ends, probably still a B-lister at most based on youth alone. If Stevens Point is far enough from Chicago (let alone New York or LA) that it's simply too much travel time for not valuable enough a picture, they'll leave her alone. Most paparrazzi work on speculation and cluster in celeb-rich environments.
* But she managed to get ''Space Werewolves'' and ''Voltage'' filmed in Stevens Point. That is some '''serious''' pull.
** Yeah, that would've worked better if they'd filmed in Chicago and implied Stevens Point was just over the state line. Especially since major Hollywood productions in states other than California and New York tend to attract politicians to their events, the governor was running for president and Scott Walker probably isn't very popular in the Rooney household.
[[WMG:In Switch-a-Rooney the plans should not backfire, given their previous experience in pulling off those]]
Liv should be aware of Maddie's eye condition. To pull that trick off flawlessly she just need a pair of glasses that looks identical to Maddie's but without vision-correcting lens (i.e. the lens are simple flat panes of glass), and get Maddie contacts. She should also be able to give Maddie acting lessons so that she can pull off [[GirlinessUpgrade a convincing Liv vibe]] and her own proficiency in acting should allow herself to pull off [[LetsGetDangerous a convincing Maddie feeling]], especially when facing the driving tester and Artie the fanboy who is not exactly familiar with them. (This is a [[LatexPerfection confirmed myth in this situation]] by Series/MythBusters)
** Maddie as Liv did succeed in fooling the fanboys and the general populace(Except Joey and Parker who are much closer to them). Liv as Maddie technically succeeded too, the only fail they had was that Liv had not realized she would required to wear glasses, and with them only being recently reunited, it's understandable that she doesn't have glasses to pull the switch.
[[WMG: Why is Maddie's vision require correction when Liv's does not?]]
* Since they are identical twins, shouldn't they have the same biological flaws? Which means they should both need to wear glasses to correct their vision. Unless Liv had the laser surgery to correct her vision problems.
[[WMG: Maddie is on her way to be [[{{Chickification}} chickified]] into Liv with straight hair.]]
* Following [[Series/HannahMontana Lilly]]'s steps.
[[WMG: How the heck does Artie get away with so openly bullying Joey? Especially since Joey's ''the coach and the guidance counselor's kid''?]]
* Following the same, WHY they still allow Willow anywhere near Joey? The girl is very clearly obsessed with him and Joey is terrified of her!(That even without mentioning that she is physically stronger than him)
* Why didn't Maddie just tell her parents that Liv skipped school? And shoplifted. She said to protect her reputation, but what Paparazzi or reporter would find that out.
[[WMG: Shoe-A-Rooney]]
* Why do Maddie's friends gang up on her and have an "intervention" when she suddenly starts dressing more feminine and switching up her interests and why isn't Maddie upset at this? They act as if her changing is a bad thing and Liv says that Maddie's "priorities are out of wack" as if Liv is in charge of Maddie's priorities and she doesn't have a right to change them. Liv also acts shocked and maybe even repulsed when she first happens upon Maddie "embracing her inner sparkle" even though Maddie's outfit isn't even that bad. Altogether, I find this pretty horrible and not a good Aesop for children.
** They only really found out that she liked heels after ditching a game so she could... sit in bed, wearing heels. Realistically, that dog won't hunt because female athletes don't have to be straight tomboys, a fact BellaAndTheBulldogs displays much better.
[[WMG: ''Why'' does Willow have such an unshakable crush on Joey?]]
* What is it about Joey that Willow finds so desirable? She's a couple of grades ahead of him, is a die-hard jock, and has no known interest in video games, comic books, sci-fi or RPG's.
** Well... in one episode Willow outright says that [[Lesyay she thinks Joey and Maddie look alike]]. She could be subconsciously thinking that Joey is the male version of her female best friend...
[[WMG:Have the events of the episode ''Haunt-A-Rooney'' been erased?]]
* That episode features ''Series/BestFriendsWhenever'''s Cyd and Shelby, who teleported themselves to New York and met Liv Rooney. However, since it's known that at the end of their own episode, they time traveled back to before they teleported. Wouldn't that mean the events of ''Haunt-A-Rooney'' have been erased from continuity?