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Eddy is evil/has been hacked.
The evil part is WMG?
  • Actually evil, as in working for Douglas not as in being a jerk

Leo will get bionics
After the events of Parallel Universe, Leo may be in line to receive bionics of his own in his own universe. This is because the episode showed that there is a duplicate to everything in Leo's home universe, therefore, the 'geo-leaping' and 'lightning fingers' he possessed in that universe may be actual powers that either one of the other Lab Rats may develop... or Donald, realizing that Leo's not so useless, may have created a way to give him powers for an extreme emergency.
  • Confirmed in You Posted What?! Part 2.

Chase really did join Douglas
This will be revealed in the season finale where Douglas returns. The plan has been in the making since Avalanche and it will have far reaching consequences. It will also end the season on a cliffhanger with the lab rats except Chase in mortal danger, controlled or exposed to the world.
  • Jossed.

Adam is the only Lab Rat with a biological mother
When Douglas began making bioengineered humans, he could not make them perfect with just his own DNA. He found a suitable 'donor' and used that woman's DNA with his own to make Adam. When he made Bree, he had made significant leaps in the field of bioengineering, but found it near impossible to make a male (like he wanted) with only his DNA. However, he found a female to be more stable due to the double X chromosome as opposed to XY and settled for a girl. On his third attempt, he was finally able to perfect the process and make a male using only his DNA.

Parallel Universe Lab Rats
In the alternate universe, the Lab Rats live with Douglas, who is a doctor in that universe. Their last name is from their father taking his wife's last name to distance himself from his family. That is why they and Donald don't know each other.

The person in the white mask is Marcus.
His body is covered because his exterior skin was damaged.

Spike is not a glitch of Chase.
When Chase was originally designed he was to have a different personality and Spike is what's left of the dummied out program.

Douglas will be redeemed by the series end.

Adam will join Douglas of his own free will
Through out season 3 Adam has made cracks about how Davenport's not their real dad and that Douglas is Evil but Fun and probably has a minifridge in his evil lab. This could be evidence for Adam to go rouge.
Lab Rats will have a Boys vs Girls episode
Chase starts a war about which gender's better by saying that it's not their fault boys can do things better than girls can. Bree will retaliate. Then the bionic academy will be split up into teams: Boys and Girls. In the end, one gender will win.
Bree will turn into a bad girl in one episode
Sebastian returns and convinces Bree to rebel against Mr. Davenport and her brothers and friends. She almost nearly kills them.
One character will get to say "Shut up" instead of "Shut it"
Bree will unlock a new ability later on
Besides invisibility, Bree will recieve something like Ice Breath
Douglas is gay and likes Krane
Just listen to him talk about the guy.