Heartwarming / Lab Rats

  • In "Back From the Future" the Lab Rats have this when they come to accept that the mission is going to end in their deaths like Future!Leo said. Thankfully, it doesn't.
  • Chase and Leo have a heartwarming moment before they defeat the Exoskeleton together in "Exoskeleton vs. Grandma."
  • Bionic Showdown has this in the end.
    • Mainly in the group hug after Chase's line "He may have created us, but you made us who we are. You're our father".
  • After losing contact with Chase in the middle of a Category 5 storm in Antarctica, Adam and Bree head after him with no hesitation. When ordered to leave by Davenport because of the storm worsening (and an impending avalanche):
    Adam: "No, I'm not leaving without my brother!"
  • Douglas and Donald's victory dance together, after they manage to fix Bree's new chip and save her life in the nick of time in "Which Father Knows Best." Although also a Funny Moment, it's sweet cause as they both know the moves, it's very likely they used to do it together to celebrate there victories, back when they worked together. And we get to see them getting to do it together again for the first time in almost twenty years.
  • How easily Douglas and Donald bonded again and argued over the motorcycle.
  • Douglas helping Leo by giving his newly crippled arm bionics. Likely a way of saying thank you for what happened last episode.
  • In Unauthorized Mission, Perry retired because she couldn't hate the new students as much as she hates the Lab Rats. This is by far the first nicest thing she's ever said about them (even if the fans were greatly annoyed).
  • In One of Us, S-1 and Leo finally becoming friends after what the former did to him.
  • "Lab Rats: On the Edge" has good moments of this.
  • The Vanishing has plenty of this:
    • Perry telling Davenports she was worried when she heard they got kidnapped and lost their bionics, then telling them she's glad they're okay. The fact that she replied to Donald with a snarky comment and told Tasha "I was talking to them. You and I, still on the outs." more or less confirms she was sincere about her concern.
    • Everyone's reaction to hearing about Tasha's baby.
    • The group hug at the end.