Awesome / Lab Rats

  • Chase saving Leo from Donald's super strong malfunctioning battle suit, all without revealing his bionics to Leo's Grandmother in "Exoskeleton vs Grandma"
  • Leo's takedown of a berserk Eddy in Night of the Living Virus with a laser reflector. Note that he has no bionics and is a scrawny kid, against an A.I. that has helped to train the young bionic heroes.
  • Adam punching an asteroid that's about the size of a mini van into rubble with a single swipe in Mission: Space
  • Adam gets another one for completely fooling Principal Perry and getting him, Bree and Chase out of detention in Missin' The Mission.
  • Donald, Chase and Adam each get one, for beating a whole group of thugs together in "Quarantined"
  • Perry vs Spike: Round 2.
  • Leo vs. Marcus in "Leo vs Evil", topped off with Leo outsmarting Marcus with the same trick Chase used to beat Adam at arm wrestling enough to take Marcus' robot control and use it against him. And when that failed, he managed to escape while Marcus was distracted. Leo's badassery increased more and more in season 2.
  • Bionic Showdown had several.
    • The Lab Rats/Donald vs Marcus/Douglas
    • Leo's Big Damn Heroes moment with the exoskeleton.
    • Adam gets special mention in the fight with Marcus by unlocking his hidden power, which is a major Kamehame Hadouken. Doubles as a heartwarming moment because it was in response to Marcus trying to hurt Leo.
    • Bree likewise gets a mention, for being the only one of them to actually successfully stall Marcus, thus distracting him long enough for Adam to save Chase.
  • Principal Perry taking out her malfunctioning robotic doppelgänger in "Robo Perry" with a clothesline so powerful it decapitates Robo Perry. Coupled with an awesome Shout-Out:
    Principal Perry (while holding the head of Robo Perry): THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
  • Leo saving the group from danger with his new bionics.
  • The Davenport family's Power Walk in Rise of the Secret Soldiers. Becomes a Crowning Moment of Funny when they find out no one is there.
  • Adam gets one in "The Curse of the Screaming Skull" for saving Leo, Douglas, Perry and Bob, from the infected Bree and Chase, with a pretty clever trick of pretending to be infected also to get close enough to give them both the antidote. Douglas even states it might be the smartest thing he's ever done.
  • Leo's team saving everyone in the limo.