Funny / Lab Rats

  • Crash, Chop and Burn
    • Adam's musical taste.
    Bree: Taylor Swift megamix? Really?
    Adam: I find her soothing!
    • Then, after that exchange, Adam shoots Eye Beams at Bree which results in:
    Bree: Oh, I know you didn't shoot that laser at me!
    Adam: Sorry, it was a terrible mistake. Just like your face!
    • Leo's scream when he thinks the robot duplicates are about to kill him.
  • Leo's Jam
    • The Refrigerator Dance.
    Chase: I'm swinging an invisible pickle!
  • Drone Alone
    • The fact that Leo turned on the Lemp because he thought it was a nightlight.
    • The Rats' glitches:
      • Adam could only speak backwards.
      • Bree sprinted to the middle of the desert and had a whacked navigation system.
      • To Chase, everything was pixels.
    • Donald's final message.
    Donald: How could I have died? I was so young!
    • The Reveal that instead of sending Bree the coordinates for the house, Chase sent the drone that handled all navigation the coordinates.
  • Back from the Future
    • Leo's secret agent handshake.
  • Speed Trapped
    • Leo's glare at Marcus
    • Leo trying to get out of the car
    Car: Would you like to take a survey?
    Leo: No!
    Car: Question number one:
    Leo: Let me out! Let me out!
  • Spy Fly
    • The B-plot of this episode was downright hilarious; Adam and Chase intentionally try to sabotage each other's health class projects.
    • Chase puts Adam's doll in a waffle maker and Adam burns off Chase's doll's face.
    Adam: Aww, that is a face that only a father can love. (beat) Oh...
    • When Adam's doll gets carried away with the hundreds of flies, his face is priceless.
    • Also, at the end of the episode, Adam gets a bunch of dolls, naming them abnormal things, except one who he called Ted.
  • Leo vs. Evil
    • The technique Chase uses to beat Adam in arm wrestling: licking his hand.
      • Which is even funnier when Leo uses that same technique to escape from Marcus. Coupled with Marcus' reaction.
    Marcus: Ewww! Why would you do that?!
    • Leo's countless snarks to Marcus.
  • Sink or Swim
    • While Donald, Leo and Tasha are looking through the wreckage of the lab:
    Leo: My mission specialist desk?! Okay, this just got real! I'm gonna hurt Douglas where he lives!... as soon as I find out where he lives.
    • After Douglas shows to Adam, Bree and Chase that he destroyed the lab:
    Chase: If anything happened to our family, I will end you.
    Adam: Yeah! And then we'll put your body in an old lady dress so everyone laughs during your funeral!
  • Which Father Knows Best?
    • Every attempt by Adam and Chase to ride the Davencycle without it looking awkward.
  • Brother Battle
    • Douglas is reciting complaints Donald made about him when they were children.
    "He didn't do the dishes! He left my bike out! He reanimated my dead gerbil and now it's a monster!"
  • Face Off
    Chase: Thank you for a lovely evening.
  • Left Behind
    • The implication that Leo used laser cutters to remove Chase's mission suit from Donald.
  • Mission Mania
    • Leo's commercial advertising himself as the leader of the team.
  • Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med
    • The fact that Adam KO'd the Crusher, whom is said to the strongest man in the universe, is awesome, yet funny at the same time.
  • Space Colony
    • Dr. Gao casually describing his evil plans:
    "I've got colonists to inject, and a bionic army to assemble. The workday grind just never ends.
  • The Vanishing
    • When the team arrives at Giselle's lab.
    Donald: Wow. Man, this place is fancy.
    Donald: Really?
    Douglas: No!