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Revan is still alive, and is back to being Revan.
Nobody knows what he went to do, so who is to say he didn't go to regain his memories, but Darth Revan took back over afterwords? He could be leading the new Sith. After all, who better to lead the new army of Sith but the greatest?
  • Semi-confirmed in the Revan novel. Revan is back to using his old name, but is actually trying a preemptive strike at the Sith Empire.

R2-D2 is T3-M4 in a new body four thousand years later.
It happened to HK-47, at least in Star Wars: Galaxies, so we know that a droid AI could survive that long. And it would explain why R2's so quirky and creative; he's had four thousand years to craft a personality for himself. It's also why he stays around C-3PO, because he sees shades of HK-47 in him, and he wants a familiar figure in his life—after all, he's seen all his friends and acquaintances die around him. The Force had a special destiny for R2, passing from Revan's ownership, to the Exile's, and, after millenia, to Anakin Skywalker...and to his son.
  • HK-47 does show up in Galaxies. And it would be terribly funny if this were the case. Talk about "seen it all."
  • I'd buy it, except for the part about HK being anything like Threepio. Seriously, the only things they have in common are 'droid' and 'bipedal'.
  • Possibly jossed- According to material from The Old Republic, T3-M4 was completely destroyed and disintegrated, which leaves almost no chance for his AI to survive.

Revan didn't avoid production centers to save The Republic, he did it to prevent his own ass from getting kicked later
You are a pretty bad conqueror if you get toppled right after you finish your conquest after all.
  • Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. He counted conquering the Republic and leading it against the Sith Empire as saving it.

Revan's "true personality" is a Dark Jedi, and the "canon ending" should be with him in charge of the Sith.
Think about it for a moment. He's been mind raped by the Jedi. Many of his memories have been restored. The woman he's Force bonded with (and the one who is his Force guide and bond to the Light Side) has been corrupted. The Sith are winning. And now you can claim the Star Forge and finish your plans from the past. Revan isn't loyal to the Jedi, he's loyal to the future, to the survival of the races of the galaxy. Siding with the losing Jedi and Republic makes no sense, whereas seizing control of the Star Forge and using Bastila's Battle Meditation to get a quick, mostly painless victory is logical, practical and completely in line with what we know of Revan's personality from before the mind rape. Also, Darth Bastila is hot and completely loyal to you. What would you choose - black leather or starchy cotton and itchy wool?
  • Some of us will take the hot pilot in the orange jacket or the nice lesbian catgirl. Neither of which will go along with the Dark Side thing.
    • Canon Revan is male and Carth is most likely not gay and Revan probably isn't either.
  • Arguably, Revan's true self is the person they were before they were corrupted by the Star Maps and later the Star Forge itself. A light-side Revan could easily reason that what the Jedi did to them was justified; they weren't "mind-raping" Revan so much as they were erasing what those powerful Dark-Side artifacts had done to them and turning Revan back to the side they would have been on all along. Whether Revan thinks the Council should just have killed them and been done with it, or whether they agree with the mind wipe, doesn't dictate whether they turn to the dark side or not.
  • Doubtful in my eye. If Kreia is to be believed (a dangerous assumption, but I believe she was earnest in this case) Revan was in an inherently good person and did not "fall" to the Dark Side but made a conscious choice, seeing it as being the lesser of two evils. By the end of KotOR1 Revan recalled very little of his previous life, including his original motives for becoming a Sith Lord. Without this knowledge, the amnesiac Revan simply presumed that he had "fallen" and was leading the Sith for no reason beyond being an evil bastard.
    • Kreia also provided a somewhat less sinister theory. When the Council blocked Revan's memories the personality traits he had before the war started to corrupt him (honor, a desire to help people, compassion) started to resurface.
  • I don't think so—this pragmatic style of reasoning is characteristic of Dark Side Revan, but it also assumes that Revan has learned nothing from the whole ordeal and would try, just as they originally did, to harness the Star Forge and lead the Sith. The first time around, they didn't realize how seductive the power of the Dark Side artifacts they were dealing with, and didn't know how much pain their decisions would cause. This time, they ought to know better. The Dark Side ending is what happens if Revan doesn't learn from the past.

The first game is Darth Revan's Dying Dream.
The fight on Revan's flagship with Bastila and the Jedi striketeam is shown in Revan's visions, but we don't see any of the details of Revan being healed and revived.

For Male Revan, Carth represents recovering from trauma, loyalty, and leadership without tyranny, Juhani represents the wish for love and the possibility of redemption, and Bastila represents goodness and compassion. For Female Revan, Carth represents love and its redemptive power, Juhani adds acceptance of and overcoming one's past choices, and Bastila represents the struggle inherent in living up to the Jedi ideal. For both genders of Revan, Jolee represents perspective and wisdom apart from the dictates of moral guardians, Canderous is the love of war as a challenge, creative outlet, and expression of mastery, Mission and Zaalbar represent friendship, loyalty, and resilience, Darth Bastila represents the emptiness of good intentions in the face of evil and resentment toward the Jedi order, and Darth Malak represents mastery, unconditional dominance, and betrayal by one's close associates
  • What about HK-47?
    • The dark humor that allowed Revan to emotionally survive doing the things that Revan had to do.
Carth Onasi is Force-Sensitive, but not trained
  • His rantings come off as paranoid, but they turn out to be absolutely true. He senses right off the bat there's something strange about the Player Character and that the details aren't adding up for him. He is pissed off because he can sense the Jedi are leading them on - and three for three, he's dead on. On some level, he might be able to sense something "off" about the Player Character, but hasn't the training or the knowledge to put the pieces together.
  • What are the odds of surviving the massacre on the Endar Spire, just happening to share the last escape pod with an amnesiac ex-Sith Lord, crash-landing in what passes for the "good" part of town, staying uninjured, rescuing the intermittently-conscious Player Character without getting caught by the Sith, and happening to find a dump of an apartment where the landlord is not asking questions? That's a hell of a set of long shots, and when we've got that many coincidences attached to one person, in the GFFA, The Force is definitely involved.
  • The improbable landing he made on Lehon, where the Ebon Hawk ended up mostly intact. There are also the random encounters of Sith patrols, the blockade of Taris, the escape from the Leviathan, and running the gauntlet to get to the Star Forge. Compare to Atton who is known to be Force-lit and an excellent pilot...yet still crashed the damn ship three times.
  • He remarks that he "knows" on some level that he will be present when Saul Karath is killed or do it himself. Guess what? He's right here at the moment Saul dies and at least partly involved in his death.
  • If you play female, his last conversation before the Leviathan has him telling the Player Character that he senses the Jedi have left them out to hang, and that she'll "have to make a choice very soon" as to her future, one she can't turn away from. If she chooses the Light Side, he blurts out "I sensed you would have to make a choice very soon, and that was it, I can feel it."
  • In the second game, he flat-out tells the Exile that "he would know" if Revan died, despite Revan being half a galaxy away. If you say Revan was female, he also says that there's "an emptiness where she used to be."
  • Also in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, if you specify a female Revan, T3-M4 carries a holo from Carth- he's had a premonition that Revan is about to leave without warning. He was right.
  • And again in the second game, if Revan is set as male, Carth tells Bastila that meeting the Exile has convinced him that "there are worse things to lose". The only other non-Jedi to display awareness of the Exile's emptiness, Chodo Habat, explicitly identifies himself as force-sensitive.
  • At Ajunta Pall's tomb, the only two non-Jedi party members who comment on seeing the Sith ghost are Carth and HK-47. HK remarks that he detects something strange on his sensors. Carth can not only see the ghost, but understand what he's saying.
  • Expanded Universe says this is not the first time he's encountered a Jedi coverup. He ran into Zayne Carrick and helped Zayne escape from both Saul Karath and the Jedi authorities because he "knew" the kid was innocent.
  • Also in the KotOR comics, When Zayne recieves a vision that allows him to accurately predict the Mandalorians' bombardment of Serroco, Zayne tries in vain to give Karath and the Republic fleet advanced warning of the attack to allow them to defend the civilian alien population of the planet. No one else takes him seriously-Zayne's friends blow him off. Karath, convinced that Zayne is a Mandalorian spy, has him thrown in the brig. Carth, armed with another of his odd hunches, calls tornado warnings in to as many weather stations on the planet as he can reach, causing many of the natives to evacuate to underground bunkers and escape the worst of the blitz.
  • Telos is historically an Agricorps world, staffed by Force-sensitives who declined or washed out of Jedi training. We know that Force sensitivity strongly runs In the Blood. We know Carth is a native of Telos. And we saw what happened to Carth's son.
  • Does that mean that we might get a Darth Carth in some non-canon story?
Like Revan and Bastila, Carth and Revan are Force-bonded
  • KotOR 2 establishes that Force-bonds are most likely to suddenly form between Force-sensitive people in life-threatening situations. See above for the evidence of Carth's Force sensitivity. Being among a handful of survivors of a Sith-boarded cruiser and having Carth haul the Player Character's intermittently-conscious butt into hiding from a crashed escape pod on a blockaded, heavily-patrolled world probably counts as sufficiently life-threatening.
  • Carth's (uncannily accurate) instincts about the weirdness of the Player Character's situation and predictions of his/her behavior hint that they share some kind of unusual connection. Despite sporting paranoia as a defining characteristic, Carth comes to trust him/her implicitly, spilling his entire life story and assuming a female Revan, falling in love with her, even after figuring out that, in a former life, Revan was the primary force behind the destruction of his home planet, the death of his wife and disappearance of his son, which engendered all of that mulishly paranoid behavior to begin with. if you play Dark Side and female, he will make a last-ditch attempt to turn you back, saying that he loves you and doesn't care about all of the horrible things you've done. All of this becomes more probable if you assume the kind of empathy and influence that mark a Force-bond.
  • In KotOR 2, The Jedi Master on Nar Shaadaa tells the Exile that to break a Force-bond, "your feelings would have to change, or one of you would have to die— but even then, the bond wouldn't go away, it would simply be empty, a wound." Later in the game if you've set Revan to Light Side female, an obviously distraught Carth asserts that he would know if Revan (who has absconded to the Unknown Regions) were dead, and that "there's this emptiness where she used to be."

Kyle Katarn is the descendant of Revan and Bastila.
Revan's alias after losing his memory was Kobet Katarn, and shortly before Revan's departure and imprisonment, he and Bastila Shan secretly got married and had a child. After Revan's imprisonment by the Sith Emperor, Bastila took care of Revan's son, Vaner Shan, whose descendants eventually took the "Katarn" surname after Revan's alias. Eventually, their family line led to the Jedi Master Tal—who, like Revan, had children who were sent into hiding—and even further still, Morgan and Kyle Katarn. This also explains how Kyle was so susceptible to the dark energy of the Sith temple on Dromund Kaas, which most likely contained the spirit of the Sith Emperor, who recognized Kyle as Revan's descendant and tried to corrupt him as he did Revan. Kyle was eventually rescued from the Sith Emperor's thrall by Mara Jade. After the Dark Side ending to Jedi Knight, Kyle—now the new Emperor—would take up his ancestor's mantle and proclaim himself the new Darth Revan.
  • The other thing to note is that Kyle, like Revan, drew from powers on both sides of the Force, and adheres to a pragmatic outlook on the Force.
  • It would also explain why Kyle and Revan shared not only one, but two voice actors.

A terentatek's death causes The End of the World as We Know It.
When I heard Freyyr describe the terentatek as a creature only a few survived an encounter with and nobody having succeeded in killing it, I braced myself for quite a tough fight, but then it went down rather easily. Ha, I thought smugly, some beast, I can't believe nobody killed it before me. And then I spent about half an hour battling with the terentatek-gas-cloud-causes-the-game-to-crash bug, finally having to give up and go down the Dark Side path with this quest. Apparently, in my version of the game no one was ever able to kill this terentatek because its death immediately obliterates that version of the universe where it happened.

The Player Character in the first game is constantly unconsciously using the Force to sway people's decisions.
Of course these lightsaber-toting robe-wearing individuals are your slaves and definitely not Jedi. That makes perfect sense. Come on in!

Vrook is himself a Sith Lord.
The fall of Dantooine shattered his mind and he fell to the Dark Side after the events of KOTOR, becoming a puppet master of the Jedi Council in KOTOR II.
  • If you help him leave his cell, he blames you for an upcoming mercenary assault on Khoonda. If you leave him in his cell, then save the colony, he attacks you out of Anger, giving you no option but to defend yourself.
  • If you side with the mercenaries, he doesn't actually care, meaning he was only ever siding with the colony to keep up appearances.
  • Unlike Zez-Kai Ell, whose motivations for not pursuing the Sith are purely out of fear, which he admits, Vrook has no such reason, so why doesn't he work against the Sith? He wants them to succeed.
  • Both the other Jedi Masters you talk to are both friendly, apologetic and repentant for their actions. Then they meet up with Vrook, and suddenly have a Face–Heel Turn, following Vrook's policy of allowing the Sith to proceed unchecked. Coincidence? No, Vrook talked them into it with a mixture of subtle deceit and Force-fuelled mind control using his superior Consular powers. Even if you attempt to excise this corrupting influence, his shadowy machinations extend so far that his two stooges are tricked into thinking that you attacked Vrook, not the other way round, and fight you themselves.
  • It could be, like Atris, that Vrook was on this path well before the second game. They're both Knight Templar types prone to harsh judgement and strict, unreachable standards for most anyone but themselves.

The appearance of a Selkath on the video game box cover was the result of an error.
Why would Malak and Bastila be on the cover alongside a random Selkath? Throughout the course of the game, you don't have any Selkath companions, nor are they extremely integral to the plot. The obvious reason is because someone wanted CARTH Onasi on the cover, and the artist misheard it as 'Put a Selkath on the cover'. By the time the error was discovered, it was too late to change it.
  • Or it could be that they were too lazy to change the cover after editing. Bastila on the cover doesn't look like the game version.

Bendak Starkiller is the ancestor of Anakin Skywalker.
In the early drafts of the script to Star Wars, Luke's last name was going to be "Starkiller" and not "Skywalker," but it was decided that "Starkiller" sounded to villainous for a hero. Somewhere along the way, one of Bendak's descendants decided the same thing, and changed his name to Skywalker.

The real reason Revan and the Exile are feared/scorned.
  • What do the Jedi Masters do throughout the two games? Not much. At all. What have these two likely been doing? Being a better Jedi than all of them put together. The idea the Masters were afraid is touched on (Exile claims this of Atris, Zez-Kai Ell admits it and Kreia describes them as such.) Revan and the Exile don't have to go far out of their way to be Light sided enough to be hailed a saint. And to a large extent the Mandalorian Wars showed the Jedi as impotent. The reason Revan is scared? Exile is hated? Jealousy, they are better Jedi than the Masters could ever hope to be, unless you played an utter dick, with a fraction of the effort they seem capable of.

Trask was in on the big plot twist
  • It's the reason why he didn't bat an eye about the player not knowing anything, even how to put clothes on. He's was likely your handler, meant to guide you and pass you off as normal.
    • More fuel for this is in Star Wars: The Old Republic. House Ulgo is high-end Alderaanian nobility (ironically, bitter rivals to House Organa), and their specialty is military service and warfare. According to the game's codex, Trask was one of their best fighters. Who better to keep an eye on (and kill if needed) a mind-wiped Sith Lord?

The Ebon Hawk's name was meant to be the Eon Hawk.
  • The Hawk is clearly an Expy of the Millennium Falcon. Hawks and falcons are both birds of prey. However, a colour has no relation to a millennium, which is defined as 1000 years. An eon, however, is defined as an indefinite span of time. Clearly, the b was a typo that just stuck with them.

Sasha (the stowaway girl on the Hawk) is Force-sensitive.
  • If you do not resolve the quest by the time you find the final star map, Zaalbar mentions she has mysteriously disappeared, even though it's clear by her dialogue that she considers the ship her home and does not want to leave. What can this mean? Clearly, she has latent Force powers and could sense that the Hawk was about to run into trouble.

The Rakatans were/are capable of terraforming.
  • The evidence is there. You have the choice of having your character speculate that perhaps all the Star Map planets were not always as they were. Tatooine may not have always been a desert - the Storyteller's legends were likely true, albeit garbled by milennia's worth of time. Manaan might not have once been an entirely water planet. On Kashyyyk, the Rakata computer states that it was being used to grow food for the empire's armies, but malfunctioned and led to the planet vegetation going berserk. The Star Map on Korriban may even be responsible for why the planet is so strong in the Dark Side. Even Dantooine might have been affected: it seems to be in a state of perpetual autumn, with decaying grass and colourless fields. Then why is it green again in the sequel, you ask? As a bit of Fridge Brilliance - it is likely the Star Maps deactivated along with the destruction of the Star Forge. Five years later? Dantooine is in spring at last.

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